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More special necklaces.

Before anyone starts pointing fingers at me for using a prayer that may not have been around in the 10th century, I’m aware it may not have been, at least not in this form. If anything it was probably said in Latin, and no doubt it was still different. Aside from the fact I just don’t know what they would have said, using a familiar prayer still spoken today is a clear indicator that Hedda is a Christian (in case the cross wasn’t enough). Okay, now finger point all you want.

TWC this week is sort of a suggestion from a Twitter follower. They suggested I draw “a hockey guy”, which somehow changed into me drawing the gang ice skating. That’s almost hockey right? Anyway, vote to see Coal, Hedda, Arne, and Ibrahim get their skating on (or off). Thanks!

See you guys next week! :D

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  1. I can see why you’d use this form of Prayer. We’ll handwave it like with the Okay before =)

    but I Will mention the fact she has freckles even in the Palm of her hands xD

    • Yeah I didn’t think about it much until you mentioned it. I might fix it later, or just let it slide and keep it in mind for the future. Oh well. D:


    Also, I am joyous over the thought of everyone playing hockey.

    • Them all playing hockey would be EPIC. Probably.

  3. Does she have freckles or smallpox.

  4. About the bonus stuff: I love how embarrassed Hedda is and how annoyed Coal is. XD

    About ze comic: Good shading and stuff! I like all the panels from artistic-y standpoints. The prayer is fine enough to me. *shrug*

    I do wonder when we’ll get back to Coal and what he was running towards…..

    • Haha, I’ll be honest, it’ll be a while before we see Coal again. I hope you can hold out long enough with Hedda. D: Also thanks, I’m glad you liked the drawing. :3

      • Aw, sure I can! She’s surrounded by interesting stuff and she’s interesting herself! :3
        ..But I will probably miss Grumpy- I mean Coal and Loki. xD

  5. I am not Catholic, but I do know the Hail Mary Prayer wasn’t yet used during this particular timeline..Soooo for goodness sake of the comic (which I like), I will turn a blind eye……oh lookey here…there is Coal way yonder!

    • Haha! Yay for blind eyes! ;D Thanks!

  6. uhh, if she is a christian, how will she meet coal? he went to vallhalla, and she will go to the christian heaven. i’ll bet she gets on the wrong afterlife bus, huh? lol

  7. If you ever want something they probably would have used, you can always do an “Our Father.” That’s a quite early prayer. The “Hail Mary” gets the point across perfectly well, though.

    Keep up the lovely work!

    • I actually debated between the two, but went with Hail Mary because I felt Hedda would pray more toward a human woman than a lofty deity. Historically inaccurate? Yes, but so is a number of other things in the comic. Thank you!

  8. I’m no expert but since when do the palms of the hands have freckles. Typically the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet are pretty pale and featureless, except the prints.

  9. I can safely say I know absolutely nothing of what would be accurate prayer-wise for Christians in that period, so I’m not complaining at all. :) I think it gets the point across quite well, personally, and hey, theoretically, the prayer had to come from somewhere, so maybe she’s just jumbling random, nice sounding titles together and later someone said “Hey! This would make a nifty prayer, ‘eh?” *Hopes she didn’t sound insulting right then >.>*

    She has freckles on her palm?! Dang girl, get out of that sun: it’ll kill you. *Ducks Hedda smack*

    I have to say I LOVE the ice skating thing xD Coal is all: EPIC CAPE SWIRL! >D
    Hedda: *trips and glomps Coal* Oh dear. O.O!
    Coal: Thrall, you ruined the epicness of the cape swirl. –_–

    I have to ask: I’ve been very tempted to resketch some of the pictures you do for the sneak peeks and maybe colour them. Would that be all right with you if I make sure I say they are fanmade and link your comic wherever I post them? My friend Cloud made you some art, but that wasn’t the same as redoing some of yours, so I wanted to make sure. :) [/endlenghtybabble]

    Long comment is long.

    • Thank you! And sure, you can resketch and color if you like, as long as proper credit is given. :3

      • Sweet! Thanks! :D

  10. Even if Hail Mary wasn’t around, there were definitely prayers and songs dedicated to Mary during the era. We studied a nice folk hymn to Mary in my medieval music class that was pre-polyphany, so if I remember my dating correctly, that’s solidly before we’re set. Since I’d wager that only a subset of the comic readers speak Latin (though probably in a higher proportion than many comics…), I think Hail Mary is a perfectly appropriate stand-in. Especially with your notes. :)

    Also, I love this page. And it makes me love Hedda more.

    • Aw thank you! I hope most people like Hedda, we’ll be with her for a while. XD

  11. Wow look at those freckles…. Yuck XP sorry if that’s offensive to anyone, I didn’t mean it to be, I just, its gross to me lol

    • HAHA! Wow. Actually I’m okay with that, because I didn’t want Hedda to be some porcelain-skin maiden. I know a number of girls hate their freckles, but I think they’re pretty cute. :3

      • Fine by me if she Hedda isn’t a supermodel. These days, sensible people laugh at female fantasy characters who have worked all their life on a farm, and yet they’re physically perfect and gorgeous in every way. With the porcelain skin, flaxen hair and all that jazz…

  12. I don’t think you can have freckles on the palm of your hands.
    Only on the back side.

    • Yes, I know. Thanks for reading!

  13. Whoa! My theory on Hedda’s necklace was TOTALLY wrong (I thought it would be another Thor’s hammer pendant, but I suppose Norse women wouldn’t have worn a warrior god charm)

    • Haha! Actually they’ve found so many pendants that it was probably worn by both sexes. Thor wasn’t so much a warrior god as he was just a god of men, and many people thought of the Mjollnir charm as protective. I can’t say for sure if women would have worn them, but I think Thor was popular enough that they might have.

  14. You have my thumbs up on this, the idea of the prayer is what counts. I like her so far and I love meeting new characters, great job and keep it up!

    • Yay! I’m glad you and others are liking Hedda. :3 Thank you!

  15. Should have gone with the Our Father.