Chapter 5 | Page 10

Ever the charming younger brother.

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  1. …Oh Hedda. Beardy probably would have let you make a break for it if you gave Stubbles a swift kick in the…the…*insert clever Viking-appropriate phrase in place of “family jewels”*

    But then you being alive would kinda ruin the plot. Oh well.

    • Haha! It could be fun to try and come up with something for that. Then again vikings liked jewels so I guess it works just fine as it is. XD

  2. Is it cherry?

    Thats how mom made me take medicine.

    • Mine too! Though it still didn’t always taste very good. D:

      • My mom ground up pills in milkshakes. It was decently effective.

  3. Mmmmm, yummy yummy. I don’t suppose it has any mistletoe in it? That has anesthetic properties, as well as mythic ones. ;)

    • I dunno what’s in it, to be honest, but it’s something not really good!

  4. Poor Hedda. D: I was gonna say I hope it at least tastes good but…her whole BLEH! in the last panel says otherwise.

    • Hahaha, yeah, doesn’t taste good. D:

  5. i like her hair. it’s got that weird, stay put, coal thing going on. i’ll second the boot to the jubblies. what’s the worst they could they do? they are already going to kill her.

    • Haha, thanks! My characters and their hair. XD

  6. I predict that the younger brother smiles because he’s giant turd, am I right?

    • Oh I’d guess you’re right. xD

    • That’s a good guess!

  7. Please don’t make us watch the whole of this horrible ceremony…

    • Well I hate to say what’s going to happen, but don’t worry. ;) This comic is mostly a PG equivalent rating.

  8. Hedda saying to herself after drinking the brew: “Pheeeeeweee! At least they could have heated it first and added a little meat to it! Worse moonshine I’d tasted ever!”

    • Hahaha, if only it were moonshine.

  9. … it’s poison isn’t it… :/

    That’s what the troll face is for in the sketches right?

    • Hahaha, well I can’t tell you! Sorry. D: