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TWC incentive this week is a further rendering of the possible Volume One cover. I posted the sketch a while ago. I always meant to divide up the volumes into five chapter increments, which meant after the end of this chapter I would get everything ready for print. I don’t know if that’s still going to happen, I doubt there’s enough serious interest, but who knows. Either way, you can vote this week to take a gander! It’s still not completely done but it’s not far from finished either. Thanks!

I wanted to thank you all who “voted” for me in that Paper Wings contest thing! I didn’t win (not even close, haha) but I managed to get about 140 likes, and perhaps a few new readers! Or at least a few new people took a look at the site, which is good. Thanks so much! See ya’ll next week!

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  1. Sorry you didn’t win. Do they have consolation prizes. But it’s hard to tell a story about things that look like fireflies. How did that guy make an entire song about it.

  2. aww, sorry. i didn’t even look at the other entries. it is good to see hedda showing some initiative. even if it is a little late. that is one way to test the intelligence of dogs. cover them with a towel, of blanket, and see how long it takes them to find their way out. the faster the escape, the smarter the dog. if you do go to print, i think anyone who picked up, and read your comic would buy it.

    • Thank you! And actually we did that to our dog once. It was hilarious.

  3. Just my two bits, but I would by it. ^_^ It’s the most endearing incarnation of Loki I have ever seen, and the rest is very interesting too..!

    • Oh, thank you! That’s one person! XD

  4. I’m sorry that you didn’t win, but it was a lovely work. Maybe if you made TMK into a printed form you could add Glow to it for a bonus? I rarely buy comics, but I know quite a few that do, and TMK is worth it!

    All I can think of for the cover idea is: Oh dear, Little Coal broke his necklace!
    Coal: WHO ARE YOU CALLING “LITTLE”? *climbs out of the cover, sword drawn* xD

    I really like how the black and white matches your chapter heading pages. It would mesh with each of those lovely chapter pages. :)

    Go Hedda, go! Even if you fall and break your neck, at least you didn’t die without fighting!
    …Which is rather likely, as you are wobbling, dizzy, and now trying to reach up to a hole…

    • Thank you! Meshing the chapter title style with the comic style itself was the idea behind the cover. I’ll be adding more black and white to it eventually. :3

  5. You could try using Kickstarter to see if you can raise money to print it.

    • You’re right! I’ve given money to campaigns like that but I’ve never tried to start one myself. I’d definitely have to do some research into it.