Chapter 5 | Page 13


TWC this week features a moment from Coal’s past.

This week’s words are very short! Thanks you guys for reading. :D See you next week!

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  1. Nothing prettier than a birch grove in autumn. Thank you for drawing and writing. =)

  2. I can’t wait to see where coal comes in truthfully.

    Also the loki and coal moment is super cute!

    • Thanks! Don’t worry, Coal’s coming up soon. XD Well, probably not soon to you, but soon to me. :3

  3. Oh no! –For a few seconds I was confused and thought she had stood up again at the end before I realized she was on the floor, but I figured it out. ^_^;; I can’t wait to see what happens!

    • Oh whoops! Haha, that’s a risk of doing this flat sort of style here, I guess. XD Thanks!

  4. Arrrgh freedom was so close !

  5. i thought the old draughts that they used were kind of an intoxicant, and would dull the senses, making the victim/sacrifice complacent. i have read several old herbals, culpepper and older. they used nightshade, and datura, and other depressent herbs. they put you in a stupor, and a dreamlike state. maybe i need to read more in the norse tradition.

    • I’ll admit I haven’t done that much research into what they might have fed their victims before these ceremonies. Just like today’s medicines and drugs, it probably affected people in different ways. Hedda isn’t knocked out or anything (though it does look like that, now that I see it again), but she’s certainly feeling sluggish now.

      • they didn’t cause pain, quite the opposite, in fact. i tried a recipie i found in an old herbal, and it was quite the ride. it you fed it to someone who was unaware, they would be like putty in your hands. total bad karma, but highly effective.

        • Yeah, the word “throb” might not be historically accurate — but I can definitely see a draught make her dizzy enough to fall and be in keeping with the types of medicinals I’ve read about in this sort of scenario. (And certainly, falling on the floor would give her an awful headache if she fell badly!)

          Not that it’s going to matter for her in a few minutes, anyway.

  6. Is Coal really “born in the purple”? In the TWC drawing he is dressed like a poor boy (patched clothes). It looks like Loki saved him ( blood(??) on Loki’s cloak and Coal’s knee), and then he was adopted by his noble family… Just a crazy scenario:P

    • Born in the purple! I like that phrase. You’re the first person to notice (or at least remark on) the blood! Because it is blood. Oh ho ho, I cannot say more. :3

  7. What was the click? Did they actually have locks back then, yet?

    Cooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll! He looks absolutely adorable! I just want to hug him and feed him cookies all of a sudden. o.o Poor thing, he looks so lost and tired, like any little kid that can’t find mom and dad. Loki just looks like: Hey! Look what I found!
    Sigyn: No.
    Loki: But, it’s cute!
    Sigyn: We are NOT keeping a human child.
    Loki: Awww, but-
    Sigyn: *glare*
    Loki: …yes ma’am.

    Randomness done with, I especially want to say how much I like the ‘misty’ effect of the trees behind them (in the vote incentive,). It gives it a very dreamlike feel. Is that black part at the end of Loki’s cloak a shadow or a stain?
    Also, did you have someone pose for that picture,? It looks very lifelike. :)

    • They did have locks and keys, but honestly I don’t know if they had them for doors, now that I think of it. A woman carrying a set of keys was an indication of her status as the woman of the house, so they were locking something. Definitely chests, but maybe doors too. The “click” here is more a modern sound to tell the reader “Oh the door is opening/unlocking.” Anachronisms!

      Ironically, I looked for reference for that picture but couldn’t find any that worked, so no, there wasn’t any reference used. I’m glad you like it though. :D And it is a stain….

      • D: SUSPENSE!

  8. Well, that will definitely make the ceremony easier. For them.

    • Haha, that’s the idea.

  9. This page is great — but I love love love the voting incentive! Can’t wait to see how that plays into the narrative.

    • Haha, thanks! And yes, I can’t wait to get to that chapter, though it’s a long way in the future. :3 Muhaha.