Chapter 5 | Page 15

Decision time!

It’s the first of the month, so the TWC votes have been reset to zero. As a special incentive, I drew some more fanservice. :3 Vote this week to see Loki and Sigyn in their younger, daring days. There’s no nudity, but it is suggestive, so just keep that in mind when voting from work or school.

Thanks everyone! :D See you next week.

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  1. Keep moving……….

    Nah..I’m good, I’m fine here.

    • Haha, that’s definitely going through her mind. XD

  2. I really like the colors and shading in this page.

  3. That’s right Hedda, you resist. RESIST AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.

    Also, nice to see at least Beardy concerned and not acting like the asshat Stubbles appears to be.

    • he’s an asshat because he can’t grow a glorious beard like the other guy. Somebodys jealous (:

    • Haha, yeah, the older brother is a bit more sympathetic.

  4. All I could think of was: DOGGY NO!
    Like I say for horror movies: Kill all the humans you want: leave the pets alone. xD
    At the same time, I’m glad you went to the trouble of adding these things. It’s amazing to see someone that took the time to look up all the history of their comic! :D

    • Thank you! I don’t know everything but I definitely read about people being buried with their horses and dogs now and then. Gotta have everything you need for the next world!

      • Whenever I read about ancient cultures doing that, I would just think “Geez, can’t they just wait for the servants/animals/etc to die of natural causes and join them in the afterlife later?”

  5. Hedda, come on, you’re going to embarrass us in front of everybody !

    • If only she could! She’d probably like that.

  6. Freckled face: “I can’t believe you Hedda! We go too all this trouble to take you out as well as present you to the rest of the family and people in the village and you are having cold feet! I knew we shouldn’t have given you that cup of schnapps!”

    • Haha, Cold Feet of DEATH.

  7. well, i have to say, as much as i like the looks of the page, i miss the toothaches of the past. if it wasn’t so pretty, it would be depressing.

    • Toothaches of the past? I’m not sure I follow, but thank you! I think. :D

      • “this is so sweet, it will give me a toothache.”

        • OH. Haha, I see. Toothaches will return, worry not. :D

  8. Actually, it’s pretty depressing. The inevitability of it, the unapologetic cruelty of everyone involved, especially with just one page per week, is like watching a friend slowly die of cancer. Not saying it’s not beautifully done, actually the opposite. It’s extremely affecting. I think I have to go away for a few weeks and then come back and read it all at once.

    • Oh, wow, now I feel kinda bad! But at the same time I’m glad it’s affecting you that way, it means you care! I won’t blame you for taking a break and coming back. Considering the pace, it’s not a bad idea. XD Thank you.

  9. This really sucks… D: Beautiful shading and colors though, make it worth it even if this ends all horrible and I am in tears. Nice details too, like the stubbly-short brother holding her arm tighter by all the cloth wrinkles. I could swear the first silhouette of the dog here almost looks like he is just starting to figure out something is off.

    Is Beardy really surprised she is upset and ya’ know don’t really wanna go further?
    Or is he about to say something like “If you really aren’t comfortable with this you know you don’t have too” :D

    • Thank you so much! I know it kinda sucks, but Hedda definitely has no choice in the matter. D: Beardy might make things easier though, he’s not a complete jerk.

  10. Quick! Give her some more of the happy juice… or a frying pan to the head. (I just don’t want her to be wide awake when they stab her!)

    • Yeah that would suck! D:

  11. Fell over this the other day :)

    Love the art. Good interpretations of the gods. Looking forward for the rest of the story.

    • Thank you so much! :D I hope you continue to enjoy the story.

  12. This is like the Wicker Man, but with fewer naked old people. And no BEES!!!!

    • Definitely an improvement.

  13. This will seem completly random, but I have a suggestion for the ‘Vote’ picture if you’re ever in a goofy/prankish mood. I suddenly recalled the myth of how Sif got her golden hair, and then I couldn’t help but picture your version of Loki shaving Sif’s head while she slept.

    • Haha, yeah! That would be a fun one to re-imagine. :3

  14. The one glimmer of hope is that this is some sort of flashback, and the voice calling for help at the end of the previous chapter was Hedda.

    • That certainly is a glimmer of hope. *nod*

  15. SARAH I NEED NEW PAGE to satiate my love for your comic <3 Keep up the great work, girl!

    • IT’LL BE THERE. D: I promise. And thank you! <3