Chapter 5 | Page 16

If it’s any consolation, Beardy, Hedda felt kinda bad punching you. D:

Sorry for the wait on this one guys! But there it is, yay! Now, for TWC this week you get some drawings of Narvi and Vali! There’s a little bit of Loki in there too. Haven’t drawn ’em in a while so let’s do that.

Thanks everyone! See you next week. :3

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  1. Yes! Go Hedda! Even if you missed Stubbles’ Family Jewels by a few inches!

    And HAHAHA you called him Beardy too! XD

    • Yes I do, it was a good name for these guys. They’re only in this one chapter. :3

  2. I have a new theory about the calls for help: They┬┤re from Stubbles, once he caught up with Hedda in the forest and she continues his “treatment”. ^_^

    • HAHA! Not a bad assumption. XD

  3. And that is the origin of Boxing day……..or Saint Patrick’s Day, whichever.

    • Well they’re not in Ireland so Boxing Day it is!

  4. And now we know the real reason Coal heard a cry for help: Stubble caught up with a cornered, terrified, angry Hedda… and realized he had no way to defend himself. >D


    And I love Loki’s eyes in the vote thingummy.
    O.O Oh. Bloody. Hel.

    • Hahaha! Yeah, Hedda’s showing them what-for!

  5. Not out of the woods yet, it seems.

    Also, Beardy takes it better dan Stubble.

    • Well, Beardy got punched in the face by a relatively weak girl, while Stubbles got kneed in the gut and got the wind knocked out of him. He deserved it more anyway. :3

      • Also, Beardy was more sympathetic with Hedda to begin with, so I wonder if perhaps he thinks, “Well, if she manages to escapes, good for her” and, consciously or not, uses being punched as an excuse not to dash after her. Stubbles on the other hand obviously looks forward to seeing Hedda die.

  6. :D Two grown Viking men (one with a beard) get taken down by a scrawny girl… who is drunk/drugged. Lol, go Hedda! So worth the wait!

    I have a bad feeling that Hedda’s new found freedom might not last long unless she bumps into Loki and Coal realllly soon. But I give her an A for effort and not going down with out a fight! I actually thought she was going to join Coal’s little entourage after she died… here’s to never giving up hope it might be a little happier! D:

    • Yeah, a lot of people seemed to think Hedda would only meet them after she’d died. I suppose we’ll see! Thank you. :3

    • a beautiful scene. . . .

      • Thanks! Haha, Hedda might agree with you. :D

  7. “She’s ruining everything!” …What?… WHAT?!
    I hope that old hag gets eaten by a bear.

    • Hahaha! Don’t worry, this is the last we’ll see of her. :3

    • or gored by a bull, but she is a poop.

  8. hey, if granny thinks it is so much fun to join the old guy, mebbe she should go in her place. a drugged out scramble through the woods at night should be interesting. i wonder who, or what will find her first?

    • Hhaha, yep! I wonder what will happen…Actually I don’t, because I know, but whatever.

  9. Oh my God what seals the deal on this week’s voting incentive is Loki in the bottom right corner.


    • Hahaha! Yeah, poor Loki, just trying to enjoy some alone time. NOT TODAY.

  10. Is she going to go down fighting… or is she going to find a way NOT to go down???

    • Oh my! :O Actually that’s kind of a funny question….