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Say, does that location look familiar?

Vote on TWC this week to see some more background information! A while ago I went over how I use color for the characters, and I’ve expanded on it to include Jormungandr, Sigyn, and Hedda. If you want to see the first installment, it’s in the Extras section. Colooooors!

Thank you! See you next week. :3

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  1. Yes Hedda, bad slave. Why would you even want to stay alive?

    Is it too much to hope that she will get new clothes soon?

    • Haha, it might be. XD

  2. Ok Stubbles, I didn’t like you before but that line just clinches it.

    “You’re being a very bad slave”?

    A comment deserving of a punch to the throat if ever there was one.

    • Haha! Can’t help but agree with you there!

  3. Why is it that every time a would be protagonist or antagonist makes or try to escape, a difficult terrain feature such as a hill; mountain; desert or large body of weather or even inclement weather is always present to make it difficult for them to get far from their would be pursuers! Just once, can’t an escape be made the easy way! Is it a universal constant that escapes are always difficult! Oh the tragedy!

    • Because TENSION. Where’s the drama in an easy escape? You have to EARN it. But yeah a lot of heroes have pretty crappy luck in that regard.

  4. Yeah, come on Hedda, after everything they did for you ? They gave you food, lodging, clothes, where’s the gratitude ?

    It’s not like you have to work or anything tonight, it’s practically a day off ! Also it’s almost over for you while the family will have to tend to the guests all night long, and then spend the next morning cleaning up after them !

    • Hahaha, the last night of work ever.

  5. We’re disapointed Hedda, you won’t be slave of the month if you behave like that.

    • A dream she aspires to, I’m sure.

  6. The adjective I thought of was not “familiar.” It was “dark.”

    • Haha! It is that too.

  7. Ahhhh, running from authority figures while high. Takes me back to my youth.

    Lucky for Hedda they already sacrificed the dog. I’m betting Stubbles isn’t much of a tracker.

    • i have to agree on both points. the misadventures of yore, and it would really suck to have a dog leading bevis and butthead, uhh, i mean beardy and stubbles after you.

    • HAHA, oh those kids. Unfortunately for Hedda she’s not really running fast enough to even need a tracker. But yeah, the dog would probably be a problem anyway.

  8. I can’t help but wonder if the human settlement realizes they live damned close to Loki’s house. xDDD

    Now to hope Coal isn’t like: I HEAR SOMEONE IN TROUBLE! TO THE RESCUEEEEEE!
    …Oh. You mean she’s a runaway thrall? Nevermind then. *walks away* xD

    I need to be careful reading comments from now on. Jego, Wood and Guilliam made me snort hot tea. xD

    • Hahaha! DO they live close to Loki’s house? Hmmmmmm.

  9. That’s more of a disincentive to get her back, Stubbles.
    “Get back here so we can get stabby with you!”

    • They probably wouldn’t stab her, actually, but strangulation still ends in death. Stubbles doesn’t seem to care much, he’s such a jerk. Pity his wife.

      • According to Ibn Fadlan, she´d get stabbed *and* strangled simultaneously, after some other unpleasant experiences (let´s leave it at that…). Although, according to Ibn Fadlan the slave girl in question would have volunteered for this.

        Also… Stubbles is MARRIED? Ewww… I knew Vikings weren´t too big on women´s rights, but this is just cruel…

        • Yeah I used Ibn Fadlan’s testimony as a jumping point but also took some liberties. People who know more about it will know Hedda’s in for a rough time, and people who don’t know she’ll be dead at the end either way. D:

          And yes, Stubbles IS married, though he’s probably less a jerk to his wife and kids. Hedda’s on a much lower step of the social ladder, however, so he doesn’t feel he has to be nice to her. Poor Hedda. D:

  10. I am wondering something similar to a few comments above. IF Coal does find Hedda whose side will he be on? He did grow up Norse and he had a warrior’s funeral. Granted they might not even meet, but if they do I wouldn’t trust Coal to take Hedda’s side. Then again he may go berserk before he knows all the details. That would be kinda awesome.

    • Very interesting ideas. :3

  11. I’m so glad I found this comic this morning! Your art is dazzling, and really brings the Norse people and gods to life! I’ve really enjoyed reading through it and thinking, “oh, I know who that must be!” and “I can see where this is going” because of all of the hat tips to the old myths. Such awesome work you have here!

    • Oh man, thank you very much! I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic so far. :3 I do like adding in little mythological tidbits that people who know more about the myths might enjoy. I hope you’ll continue to like the story as it goes on. :D

  12. Aww that was the last update :(
    *clicks on first ad*
    *comes back to this page*
    Aww that was the last update :( :( :(

    • Don’t worry, there’ll be more pages soon! Thank you for reading. :3

  13. Just found your comic today, it’s very interesting and you have the facts about Ástatrú straight on, which is good :)
    Like your style, it’s kind of simple, but it’s very charming and has kind of animation feel to it.

    Loved Loki’s commend about Iðunn as an acorn, haha.

    Greeting from Iceland,
    Ragnheiður Ásta

    • Oh, thank you so much! I love to hear from people who grew up with these stories and are actually from Scandinavia (or Iceland!). I admit I had to look up “Ástatrú”, but it reminded me that there are some people who still actually worship these gods. It unnerves me a little to think I’m mucking around someone else’s religion, but I’ll try my best not to royally foul up. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the comic as it goes on. Thank you. :3