Chapter 5 | Page 20

Oh noooo. Also you guys we are five pages from the end of this chapter! Oh my.

Yesterday I was surprised by a wonderful thing and that wonderful thing was fanart from Courtney Godbey! She’s drawn Coal before, but this time she sketched Hedda! It’s Hedda’s very first fanart! :3 I made an inhuman noise the first time I saw it. Head to the Art section to take a look!

For TWC this week you get a drawing of Coal’s mom. I put it on my Twitter first to celebrate 100 followers (yay!), but now all ya’ll can take a gander. She’s where the teeth came from (though she wore them better than Coal).

Thanks everyone! See you next week! :D

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  1. Beardy, whether or not you’re concerned for her safety only for the sake of the funeral rights and whatnot, you’re still a cut above Stubbles.

    Am I the only one half expecting Jormungandr in the water? Just to be like OHAI I SEE YOU ARE FALLING.

    • That looks more like the reflection of the moon in slightly choppy water, in panel three.

      • Looks like the moon to me, too, but then, looks could be deceiving, especially at this distance.

    • HAHAHA! Oh man, a timely Jormy appearance would be awesome.

      • Aaaaaaaand I think I finally decided what kind of fanart to draw for you! XD

  2. AHH………. Heart Attack….wheres Bayer when you need it.

    • ????

      That’s not a heart attack. That’s grabbing the cross in the course of prayer. (Note she has two lines on her neck, the necklace holding it.) A logical thing to do when you need a miracle.

    • Haha, it’s certainly a stressful situation!

  3. she forgot to say geronimo! lol! i hope the prayer line is open, and operators are standing by. (i’m still hoping for a last miniute mid-air snatch and grab.) ;)

    • Hehe, she hasn’t fallen over yet!

  4. Oh, most basic of human instincts: “What I’m going to do to him/her is less worse than this thing he/she is going to do him/her self. I have to save him/her!”

    Most of the time, they also really mean to save a person, without thinking ahead of the fate planned. ;P

    • Haha, yeah. That’s pretty much Beardy’s reaction, he doesn’t want her to get hurt! Even though that’s kind of redundant or something.

  5. Ohh how do you count followers? I love this comic, I hope you get a whole lot more! : D Hang in there, Hedda!

    • The followers I mentioned are just whoever follows me on Twitter. I’m not sure how many actual readers I have though. XD Thank you!

  6. Argh! I can’t believe I have to wait another week to find out what she does on that cliff edge! The suspense is killing me.

  7. Help me Superman!

    “Careful or you’ll fall! We can’t have you killing yourself before your ritualistic execution!”

    • HAHA! Aw c’mon, Beardy just doesn’t want her to get hurt! He’s sorta not thinking of what happens later….

  8. Fine and dandy as the drama is, I’m just wondering–what kind of shoes is Hedda wearing? To me they kinda look like 1920’s tie-on shoes. Complete with socks. o_O’

    • Haha! They’re probably made of soft leather, with a tie around the ankle to keep it on. They did have shoes and socks back then, and some have even been found preserved in ancient trash heaps. The socks were probably knitted wool. Gotta keep warm!

  9. To Shibalba?

    (Sorry, for some weird reason that was the first thing that popped into mind. The second being “I CAN’T SWIM!” “……Are you crazy? The fall’ll probably kill you!”)