Chapter 5 | Page 22

Hallucination? D:

TWC this week is somewhat unexciting sketches of Ibrahim’s family. I’ve never sketched them before so the designs might still change. They’ll only be around for one chapter most likely so I’m not too concerned, but I still like to have an idea what they’ll look like so I don’t spend hours on them when it comes time to make the page. YES.

Thanks everyone! See you next week! :D By the way, November 1st will be the two-year-ish anniversary of TMK on the web. Two years and five chapters! Here’s to many many more. :D

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if OH CRAP STUBBLES IS COMING AFTER ME is going through her mind right now.

    • Yes, that’s what I thought as well. It is kinda hard to tell he is not Stubbles especially since she didn’t see Coal before she went tumbling.

      • What!? Nonsense. Just look at her eyes in that last panel, that there just screams “my hero!”


        Then again, maybe they just scream.

    • Haha, me neither! That would be a scary thing. D:

  2. He did it… He really went over the edge…

    I’m not sure whether he is heroic or really stupid. Does he even have a plan?

    • Plans are for people without sound instincts!

      Or with the sense God gave a goose.

      • Loki impaled him with a sword through the spine. The only evidence of this once the sword was removed was a series of holes in his clothes.

        Also, he’s already dead.

        Why wouldn’t he toss himself off of a cliff after a girl?

        (10 bucks says he has a thing for gingers)

      • And with a pulse.

    • He sure did go over the edge! Literally and perhaps figuratively. :3

  3. Sadly, heroism and stupidity is often defined by a very thin line…and “A plan” Doubt it very much. But like most heroes of the age (or any age for that matter) He will probably improvise one….Coal’s back and he’s the man!

    • Hehehe, he’s glad you think so! XD

  4. Well he is nigh invulnerable.

    • Haha, that’s right! A little fall like this won’t hurt him.

  5. I just wanted to say I love Hedda’s freckles ;)

    • Aw, thanks! I’m glad! I like them too. :3

  6. Hmmm….a dark, unknown, vaguely human shape flying after you as you fall to your death in a drugged state? That’s not at all a creepy first impression.

    • Hahaha! Yeah, no, it’s perfectly normal.

  7. oh sure, dive over the cliff to rescue an unknown maiden in need. it is easy to be brave when you are already dead. lol! but i have a feeling that reckless abandon is what got him there in the first place. well, he’s got the cape, but can he fly…

    • Haha, Coal having reckless abandon isn’t a bad thing to suppose. XD

  8. Ibrahim’s family looks awesome. :D Turbannnns.

    And lovely comic, Hedda’s all “OHCRAP”

    • Haha, thanks! Yeah, Hedda’s got that face all over the place.

  9. Very poor choice of words………….

  10. because of physics it’s impossible for that person to catch her while they’re falling. so… that won’t happen probably.

    • Guess again! Who needs physics.

    • actually, it is possible. If Coal is falling verticly he’ll have less resistance and will fall faster…. but who cares? I’m still holding my breath!

  11. I think Coal is really falling for her.

    (Oh, c’mon. Somebody had to say it!)

  12. Leaping Lizards and Vaulting Valhallans! He’s falling *hard* for this girl. xD
    I’m beginning to think the reason he was a berserkr was because he was bloody insane.
    But a cute insane.
    Poor Hedda, though. xD She’s on a very bad trip and seeing dark demons chasing after her. I wonder if she’s rethinking this whole ‘suicide’ idea…

    I love the pictures of Ibrahim’s family! They all look so sweet. :3

    • Haha, thanks! “Cute insane” describes Coal pretty well.