Chapter 6 | The Thrall

Am I making you dizzy? Awesome. The spirals are actually based on rock art found at Newgrange and other Neolithic sites. I almost put in Celtic knots, but for some reason they felt fakey to me, probably because they’re used so much as it is. The spirals are a bit more evocative. To me, at least.


TWC this week is the thumbnail sketch for the next page! Today is December first too (happy birthday Kelli) which means the votes have been reset so vote away and let’s see if we can get TMK in the top ten for a little bit! Last time it happened a lot of new people dropped by. :3 New people are the bomb. Yes I said it.

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  1. There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Comic Zone…………………..

    • *Claps* You, my friend, are bloody awesome.

      • Thank you I am a Twi-tard, no not that twilight ,the original Rod Serling Twilight.

  2. i think the spirals are neo-lithic. a little older than the vikings, but i agree, they are cool. there are a lot of theories as to what they mean. use your imagination, that is what the people who carved them did.

    • Yeah, older than the Vikings, but I still like them. Also mesmerizing. :D

  3. Yes, Coal. After storming out of there like a brat, just dump some random, soggy, stranger in your Host and Hostess’s home, without telling them, so she’ll end up soaking the sheets and making the nice horse or goat-hair mats smell horribly. Not only that, but just idly LEAVE her, without waiting to make sure she’s fine, breathing properly, not half-drowned, or in other fashions, dying, and make your dripping way harumphing like an annoyed toddler.
    This, girls, is what would be called a first date, I’m sure, in Coal’s logic. :P
    …And yet us rabid fangirls still love him.
    How in the Hel does that work.
    (A great author, that’s how.)

    Poor Hedda is probably going to wake up to Vali and Narfi being spooky, Loki in dragonish form and Glaring!Moody!Coal shouting or otherwise being scary.
    Some days you just can’t win for committing suicide…

    • Awww, you think so little of Coal! Poor Coal, you hurt his feelings. Actually maybe not, he doesn’t really care. D:

      • Oh no! I do love Coal so much though. I’m ONE of those rabid fangirls. xD

  4. If it wouldn’t be too spoiler-y, where is Hedda from? Is she Irish? ‘Cause those are some Irish swirlies, those are. That would be so frickin’ cool, though I realize Hedda (from Hedvig) is not an Irish name. Still, a girl can hope (‘specially since she looks like a taller me with freckes, eeeeee).

    And many pardons if this has already been asked/answered somewhere in the comments. I am not so good at the noticing, sometimes.

    • They are rather Irishy swirlies, aren’t they? But you’re also right, Hedda is not an Irish name. HMMMMMM. :3

      • Ah, ’tis sadness itself. Oh well, I guess it makes sense, though. A *real* Irish girl wouldn’t have freaked out and run away. She would have clawed out their eyes and force-fed them to that miserable old crone. :)

        • Yes, but Hedda could be Irish. Maybe she laid one of those multisyllabic Celtic names on her first owner, who promptly said “Well, there’s no way I can say that! We’ll just call you Hedda.”

          Life ain’t easy for a thrall named Hedda.

    • I was under the impression that the red hair from Ireland came from Viking invasions in the past and that the original natives were dark haired with pale skin. Then again I’m a euro mutt so I could be totally wrong!