Chapter 6 | Page 1

Look, bigger pages! This is because we’re getting into heavier dialogue pages and it would help if you guys could, y’know, read it.

A couple days ago I posted some information about possibly getting a Jormungandr plush toy! In short, I submitted a design to Patch Together, and if the design gets a high enough score and enough votes, it could possibly be turned into something! You do have to register to vote, but you might enjoy other aspects of the site. Here’s the direct link to the Jormy plushie page! If you want more detailed information, just check the post I made below.

TWC this week is a drawing people who follow my tumblr have already seen (sorry). It’s not TMK related whatsoever but from a possible future story idea. I thought of developing it as a comic but I don’t think my art is strong enough, so it might just end up written. Regardless, it helps to doodle characters (even when those characters don’t have names yet).

I’m having such a hard time continually thinking of incentives that I’m contemplating not bothering with TWC at all. I don’t think it really does anything for your site unless you’re in the top ten or you advertise there. The first time I advertised there I did get a good jump in readers, but the second saw no changes. It’s also not at all a true gauge of the best webcomics out there.

See you next week! I’m sure you’ll like the next page. :3

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  1. Oh wow, I am so loving your colors on this page, they’re really really nice. Especially on that 4th panel! Do Loki and Sigyn have their own room? That’s pretty interesting for a viking house, isn’t it? I thought everyone slept together in a big viking slumber party :d

    I had the same problem with TWC, i haven’t updated my incentive in aaages. I still get some readers from just leaving my comic on the list so I don’t think it hurts having it up there..I think my mom still votes for my comic too…>___>;; But in general TWC seems to have taken a hit in quality in the last year and I think it’s been forsaken by a lot of webcomic artists in favor of things like inkoutbreak or whatever other newer sites are out there.

    • Haha, normally I think they did all just kinda sleep in one big room, but I’ve also read descriptions about separate rooms for perhaps the man and woman of the house. They actually got a bed (omg) to sleep on and some privacy. In this case Narvi and Vali also get their own room, but each room is really only just big enough for the bed.

      Also thank you. :D Messing around with lighting and color is thankfully kinda easy to do in Photoshop.

      • Honored guests could get them, too. When Grendel’s mother shows up, Beowulf is sleeping in a bower, not the main hall.

  2. Coal does not look very happy.

    I like trying to guess what’s going on in his head; you don’t make it super hard to get a feel for your characters, but they aren’t transparent, either–that takes all the fun out of it.

    Also, I’m pretty sure his teeth grew like, two inches, or something in that last panel. Proportionately. MAGIC BUCKTOOTH POWERS ACTIVATE YAY!


    • Hahaa, actually I drew that second-to-last panel so his lips are kinda scrunched him and covering some of his teeth, but I see what you mean. Oh well! Thank you. :D

    • Dragging people out of the water — no doubt cold — is not on the whole a happy-making experience.

  3. Yay! Moody Coal is back! I missed the little baby berserkr.

    Awww, I know I’ll miss the vote incentives, but if it makes it easier on you, that’s what’s important. :)

    And YAY FOR COMING DIALOGUE! Me loves me some dialogue! :B

    • He’s not a baby! He’s practically a man! Though he can be immature.

  4. Hope Hedda’ll be fine.Love colors and whole atmosphere it’s so… Viking ;)

    • Thank you! :D Experimenting with that stuff can be fun.

  5. Oh good, I was worried that since it looked like he crossed realms that he wouldn’t be able to get back to Loki and Sigyn’s place but it looks like that wasn’t a problem (actually figured that out during the livestream but oh well). And hurray for bigger page sizes! I’m so used to reading manga online that sometimes it’s a bit odd to see how much smaller webcomic pages are put up.

    • Initially I put them up smaller because I wanted people to be able to see the whole page at once without having to scroll. But now I realize that a lot of webcomics put up larger pages, and TMK will be getting into lots more talking. Legibility is important. XD


    Now I wonder if this was an act of kindness on Coal’s part or just Loki’s machinations–


    • ME TOO, MAN. ME. TOO. And no one can take away Coal’s cloak, NO ONE.

    • Why shouldn´t he wear his cloak? He´s dead already, so it´s not like he´ll catch a cold or something…

      • But he might feel the cold.

  7. Ok Coal, at times like these when your friend is sleeping off all the stuff she drank earlier, there are a few things you should do. First off, stay nearby and make sure her breathing doesn’t slow down too much. Secondly, you’ll want to make her lay on her side, preferably with something against her back to keep her from rolling over. It’s the safest thing in case she starts throwing up in the night. Also, wait…I may be thinking of something else…Well then, carry on.

    Anyway, I’m liking the larger pages! It’s so much easier to see everything on my netbook now!

    • Haha! Thank you! Hadn’t thought about netbooks, but I’m glad it’s easier to see now. :D

  8. i love how even though his hair is dripping wet, still can’t tame that cowlick. lol! so, if i join, and vote, they will produce jorgy plushies? sounds like a plan. :D

    • Hahah, well it’s not that simple. I honestly don’t know how Patch Together ultimately picks what to produce. It might be luck of the draw. Still, every little bit helps. :D Thank you!

  9. New reader and archive binger. Just curious, but since you have Christians and Norse Gods in the same comic, I was wondering if you’d be going with an All Myths Are True/Crossover Mythology thing like American Gods did?

    • You must be the guy who asked me this question on Formspring! I answered it there. :D Thank you for reading!

  10. Coal should have dried out faster cause he is already dead. But making him look wet is kinda more dramatic, so it’s ok. But Coal should do something to keep Hedda warm, like build a fire or get a blanket or something. Common Coal, be a gentleman.

    • One page in and you guys are already passing judgement on him. Sheesh! XD

  11. Yay! New pages! I’m not the best twitter looker-atter, so did you end up finishing your nano? If so, congrats! I love the panel of Hedda here, too.

    • Ah, haha, no. >_>; I failed this year, got distracted by other things and also just had very little inspiration and drive this time around. Maybe next year! Thank you. :D

  12. Wow! Just went through and read them all until now, and I must say, I’m pretty impressed with this comic. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here! (I mean, I’ll wait patiently, but…oh you get my meaning.)

    • Aw, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. :3

  13. Well, I will continue voting whenever near an Internet capable computer even if you stop putting up incentives. (Since I found it through TWC.)

    • Aw, thank you. :D I haven’t decided for sure yet, but it’s nice to know. :3

  14. i am currently reading about 30 webcomics, and tmk is my top favorite.
    just thought you should know that.

    • Aw, thank you so much! :D That means a lot. <3

  15. Yeah, I imagine things like topsites don’t matter so much to those who are always on there. I hardly ever go there unless I’m voting on something. I think being in the top ten every so often is a good thing, but maybe not effective enough to where you’re draining yourself of incentive ideas to keep it in the top ten constantly.

    Maybe your ad campaigns can take place over short, concentrated bursts. That might be cheaper and work better than sustained advertising. They could center around new additions to your comics, such as a printed copy of the book or the Jormungandr plush if it becomes available.

    • Haha, if I WAS in the top then then I would probably not complain and just do whatever I could, but I’m not. I’m only in the top ten on the first day of a month, if I update on that day, because the votes get reset and I get a good burst of votes days I update. Maybe I’ll just save incentives for those days in particular. XD