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Well whose fault is that?

Happy New Year, my friends! I hope your 2011 was enjoyable, and your 2012 full of M&Ms and cool comics and good books. That’s all it really takes to make me happy.

See you next week! :D

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  1. Hmmm…have to say, I’m a little disappointed in you, Coal. Thought you’d be a little less blasé about the person you just rescued.

    • Well, what CAN he do?

    • Yes he never fails to disappoint. D:

    • He’s dead, wasn’t it mentioned somewhere that he doesn’t care about much? Also he didn’t go to much effort to rescue her, it just sorta happened.

  2. Yes Coal, steal your Host’s daughter’s own claimed soul, only to say “Meh, keep her as a servant.”
    And you saved her, WHY? xD

    Loki: Hel is going to KILL me. -_-

    • Hahaha! Yeah that’s not so great.

  3. Oh Coal you’re so cute when you’re angry ;)

    • Then he must be cute all the time.

  4. How would a devoted christian handle being the servent of pagan gods?

    -Find out next week on TMK-

    • Or a few more weeks, but yeah not too long. :3

  5. Actually, how did Coal die again?

    Time for an archive dive!

    • I actually haven’t said how he died yet. :3

      • He said he has killed men. He died young. Maybe he died in battle, or from battle wounds? He seems to have been noble, with his own burial, given him having his own boat. I’m not that versed, but I may guess he wasn’t sacrificed. That, and a house accident or illness would be too boring :P


    • I know this is a reference to something but I can’t fathom what.

      • bones from star trek describing today’s nameless dead security officer.

    • He’s an EX PARROT.

  7. “I’m dead” that’s your excuse for everything Coal !

    • He’s like a broken record!

  8. i guess he didn’t know if you bring home a stray, you gotta take care of it. lol

    • Haha, yeah but he didn’t figure he’d have to do it.

  9. Loki: “You know what, I’ll hand her over to Surt, to help out with building the Naglfari. That way you’ll be partly responsible for completing it even faster, thus taking your part in crushing the Aesir. Don’t like it? Should’ve accepted the responsibility instead of dumping her on me.”

    • Forgot to add, I love the facial expressions on this page. :D

    • Ha, yeah that would be bad! And thank you. :D

  10. Coal is such a tortured soul.

    • He’s certainly something.

  11. Full of romance isn’t he :) Poor Hedda!

    • Yeah he’s a regular Casanova.

  12. Oh snap. I just found this comic, loving it so far! You aren’t going to make this into a dramatic love story where the dead guy falls for the living girl? It would break my heart D:

    • Thank you so much! I’m afraid I can’t answer you, but I’m glad you’re enjoying the comic! :3

  13. Hey! I think it would cool if they did fall in love with each other!

    I always love those love and hate relationship!….. Well maybe on his side, she would just be shy and trying to be grateful……

    I took a cat nap and had a dream about how she finds out he’s dead. She hugs him for saving her life and when her head is on chest, she hears no heartbeat(he’s dead, so he wouldn’t have a heartbeat). Panicked, she puts her hand on his chest and still no heartbeat. Ultimately, she lifts up his shirt and sees the wound that Loki made earlier and shocked, she places on his chest and hears silence…….

    Yeah….. I ate a few chocolate bars and you get rest

    I really love your comicsq

    • Wow, you actually had a dream about them? That’s pretty neat! I don’t even dream about my characters. It would probably help me out of plotting jams if I did. Thank you for reading! :D

      Also, sorry you had to post so many times! WordPress moderates comments from new names and email addresses and I have to approve them myself.

      • So….. What do you really think about my dream?

        • I mean if you were to use it?

          • Ah, well I have my own ideas in my mind, and I don’t want to spoil the story so early. Whatever ideas I do have won’t happen for a long time either way, and might change.