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Working for a family of jotnar is still probably better than where she was.

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  1. I think I like Loki’s “Oohhhhhhh. Hm.” more than I probably should.

    Can’t wait to see her reaction when she finds out where she is and who she’s among. XD

    • Haha! She’ll be waking up fully, soon. :3

  2. Loki do you have to always be so grumpy?

    • Well he has some reason to be right now, at least. XD

  3. Ooh… so what’s so special about Christians?

    • Well their necklaces, for one thing.

    • She won’t regard them as gods.

      Or perhaps, she won’t regard Loki as an enemy of the true gods.

    • To many of the Norse people living at that time jotnar would be considered monsters or evil gods. Her being Christian, she shouldn’t be as concerned about that because they are not part of her religion.

      • Early Christians fully believed in the existence of other gods.

        They fully believed they were demons from Hell, sent by Satan to lead Pagan humans into eternal damnation.

        So yeah, she’s got plenty of reason to be concerned.

  4. Well this is about to get Awkward really fast……..

  5. Whoops, I took the survey a minute ago before I reached this page (I let updates build up so I can savour them more :))
    Anyway, I said I’d prefer a copy of one whole volume, but I’m not fussed, if that helps…

    • Haha, thanks for taking it anyway! I need to find a better way to get the information.

  6. Look, no offense Pashakitty, but in general Christianity, any supernatural being that isn’t an angel is a demon. So, i don’t see how she being christian would be better for Loki’s family than if she was a nordic girl…