Chapter 6 | Page 7

Now that’s a loaded question.

Bonus trivia! Loki’s favorite color is blue. He gives everyone blue eyes whenever he changes them, unless the boys want something like yellow polka dots or purple paisley.

Thanks so much guys! See you next week! :D

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  1. Dude, those eyes are freakier than her real ones.

    • Hahaha, really? I hate to imagine what would look normal.

  2. I don’t wanna see Loki with….

    NORMAL eyes 8|

  3. You got a whole through you’re chest and you look like a beaver…………..nuff said.

  4. I don’t know what I love more: the way her blue eyes make her face pop more (I guess it’s due to the blue) or the way Loki’s holding her cheek. DAAAAAAWWWWWW either way.

    • HEE they can be pretty cute.

  5. This is going to be trouble… “I am the Lord thy God; thou shalt have no other gods beside me”, and Hedda is sleeping in their bedroom.

    Or maybe she´ll be like the priest guy from “Erik the Viking”, and Loki´s house (and its divine inhabitants) simply won´t exist for her.

    • The possibilities are endless.

      perhaps she will just think they are these beings who aren’t really gods.

      Especially if Loki doesn’t assert that he’s a being to be worshipped.

    • Hmmmmm! Dunno.

  6. Lol, Coal’s expression on the last panel cracks me up.

    I wonder what color Loki’s eyes are? :D Can’t wait to see!

    • Haha, well I already said Loki’s favorite color is blue, so…they’ll be blue. XD Thanks!

  7. Whoa, nice, new comic. Keep up the good work.

  8. Funny enough I think that this is the most normal Coal’s eyes have looked in a while, not like Hedda didn’t already see them briefly anyway.

    • Haha, true. The damage is already done, really.

  9. Awwww! Coal’s self conscious about how he looks to a girl!
    Our little man is growing up!

    • Haha! He’s self-conscious about his teeth in general, especially when he thinks people mention it. XD Poor baby.

  10. “Ay, there’s the RUB.” hehehe, little Hamlet joke there! ;-)

    • I’m happy to have readers who have read Hamlet and make jokes about it.

  11. Ah, Sygin looks lovely with blue eyes :)

    • Thanks! Hopefully Loki will look all right too. XD

  12. Gotta say, the extra details on the eyes and the little extra line on Sigyn’s lips has quite the dramatic effect.

    • Thanks! It’s certainly a drastic change. XD

  13. She looks good with blue eyes! I can totally see Loki with brown eyes, or hazel, or a light brownish-gold!

    • Thanks! Loki’s actually going to have blue eyes too, though, just because it’s his favorite color. He would look good with a warmer color though.

  14. New reader, just wanted to say I love your style. :)
    I really like your first page. You went with a such a unique first panel, it reminds me of mine with the stained glass, like yours is almost a cave drawing or old Mayan/Incan art. Sorry if I’m off with what region it is, just wanted to say I love it!
    And I love your last panel, it’s perfect!

    • Thank you! Well I have poked around Incan and Mayan art, and all things creep into your style sometimes. The comic takes place in Scandinavia though, and is mostly inspired by illuminated manuscripts and viking/Celtic art. Whatever piques my fancy, really! Thank you for reading! :D