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Not a pretty picture, eh Coal?

The vikings had mirrors! Indeed many people had mirrors back then, but none of glass like what we have today. Instead they polished metal to a high gloss to make it very reflective. In fact, the vikings were actually quite clean for their time. Instead of bathing once a month (if that) like the rest of the world, they bathed once a week. Some people actually thought they were overly fastidious. Vikings: the toilette trendsetters.

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  1. Loki looks weird from afar without his normal eyes.

    I made a fanart of Hedda:

    • Yeah he does. And thank you! That’s an awesome doll. I actually ended up messing around with that thing. >_>;

  2. Good stuff. Loving it.

    And it’s likely the reputation for European uncleanliness developed during the Black Death, when public bathing died out. Less warm, clean places to do it equals less people making a fuss about it. Fascinating, really.

    • It is fascinating. I hadn’t thought about a connection to the Black Death, but it makes sense. And thank you!

  3. One word- hilarious :)

  4. The Vikings were a clean people?? Being a germaphobe I now claim Vikings as my favorite society (pre-anime Japan, of course).
    Also, gotta say I love the freckles. Not as an attraction, just that you put that kind of detail in! :)
    Also, poor Coal. lol

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like the freckles. I do too. I think they’re cute.

  5. I read an article about Viking hygiene once and it quoted a rather disgruntled English priest. He was angry because Viking invaders were using their superior cleanliness to seduce English women. xD

    • HAHAHA! Wow. That’s like an Axe commercial waiting to happen.

  6. Will Hedda realize Coal is dead? In the TMK universe, is it usual for the dead to go wandering outside Valhalla to the point of being easily recognizable?

    • You’ll have to wait and see! :D

  7. Oh bless, now he knows he looks like a mutant beaver :D

    • He can never catch a break.

  8. Lawl, and here all of us readers thought he already knew, now he can see why knows he’s dead. XD

    • Haha! Hopefully there will be no more nasty surprises like that for Coal. (there will be)

  9. Grey eyes are not that strange :P With those huge irises like in the earlier chapters, maybe. Maybe also if you think your eye colour is green …

    Are those shadows behind Loki and Sigyn just shadows or do they hide their eye colour?

    • Gray eyes alone aren’t very weird, but combined with the shape and the pupils, Coal still looks a little…weird. Not as weird as Loki’s family, though. XD And the shadows are just shadows. They’ve been there a while (unless I forgot to add them, which I might have). Thanks!

  10. So a few things.
    One, I love this comic, (the art is unique and well done, the humor is great, and the characters are awesome and true to their originals) and have been reading it for….. wow…. since early 2010. This is the first I’ve commented, and it is all because of LOKI WITH BLUE-HUMAN-ESQUE EYES. IT IS A GREAT THING.
    Also, Adice’s comment was awesome and made my day.

    • Oh wow, early 2010? That’s almost the very beginning! Thanks for sticking around for so long. <3 I love that the kicker to make you comment was just changing Loki's eyes. XD I'm glad you like them, since they'll be around for a while! Thank you so much again.

  11. Love your comic. I think the art style is great, the story cool and the characters are funny. Kjekt å se at noen tar vare på kulturarven :)

    • Thank you so much! And thanks to Google Translate, I even know what you said at the end! :D I do my best to be respectful of the culture and original source material.

  12. Quick Loki! Conjure up some contact lenses or some cool shades!

    • Yessss Coal in sunglasses.

  13. Oh goodness! Coal is absolutely adorable when he’s freaking out! But I’m surprised he never saw himself before that, like from a reflection in the water, or something? Interesting.

    • Water is less reflective than a person might think, especially if it’s moving, like if you’re on a boat. You’d need perfectly still water to see a good reflection, and Coal hasn’t been around any like that. He also just hasn’t thought to look at himself till Loki mentioned it. XD Thanks!

  14. I like Coal’s eyes. Very Egyptian-esque…is that even a real word?

    • Sure! Adding -esque to anything makes it a word. Thanks!

  15. Haha poor Cole. Can’t wait to see the next page!

    On another note, I stalk your tumblr from time to time and saw your post about Limyaael’s Rants. I LOVE IT. So fun and refreshing to have new thoughts to chew on and stuff! So thanks for posting about it, haha. Dunno how I would’ve found out about those otherwise :D

    • Oh, I’m glad you like them! They are really fun to read, and they definitely get my imagination going too. I actually found out about Limyaael through a writing tumblr that has since been deleted, so I’m glad I saved the site! I’m also grateful to those people who went through and formatted/posted all those entries. The internet is a cool place sometimes!