Chapter 6 | Page 16

Don’t worry Coal, it’ll take me years to get that far in comic time.

Some of you probably guessed that Hedda was from Ireland (Newgrange swirlies)! And you are correct. I wasn’t sure whether to call it Ireland, Eire, or Hibernia (the name those Romans gave it). In the end I went with Eire because it sounds like what it is, but isn’t too modern. Unless, I guess, you live in Ireland, where you might hear/read it all the time (sorry). The Vikings traveled to Ireland numerous times, plundering monasteries, kidnapping slaves, and even settling down. The city of Dublin was founded by Vikings.

NOW in other comic related news, I posted about this last week but some of you guys only check in on update days, so here we go: SURVEY TIME. I had a survey up some time ago but was forced to close it because it only let me see 100 results and if I wanted to see the rest I had to pay. THUS I found a free version that claims to have no limits, and I would really appreciate if you guys took some time to take it! It’s not that different from what I had before, and it shouldn’t take you long. Click here to take the survey!

Thanks, you guys! See you next week! <333

Discussion (18) ¬

  1. Coal’s frustration is the best. I know Loki loves it too. XD

    • Haha, yeah! Coal is easily ruffled.

  2. Ooooh! A Mystery “No”!

    • It’s not too much a mystery, actually, but Sigyn’s got her Serious Face on!

  3. Of course Loki’s insane, he stole part of the god’s weapons for kicks after all!

    And heh, my family is pretty Irish and we’ve joked before that there must be viking in our blood somewhere since we were living in the right (?) place at the right (?) time….

    • Haha, yeah, you probably do! And I might as well, I’ve got family from Ireland. The Vikings puttered about and settled in several places in Europe, so lots of people probably have some Viking in ’em. ;3

  4. Love landscapes and Coal’s angry face ;)

    • Thank you! Coal’s angry faces are my favorite thing to draw. :3

  5. Somehow, Sigyn does not look happy here.

    • Nope, she’s putting her foot down!

  6. I knew it!!

  7. Aww man, it’s still weird to see Loki with those normal eyes! Ah Coal, we know you’ll end up liking Heda in the end. She’s adorable! Though I am worried about them taking her back home… are they aware she was a slave yet? I’ll just have to read and see!

    • Loki will have these eyes a while, so you’ll have plenty of time to get used to them. XD Thank you!

  8. I’m thinking even Sigyn is getting sick of Coal’s impatience!
    How did Loki figure out where Hedda was from? Magical brain-scan?

    • Haha, Sigyn is definitely getting sick of Coal’s stubbornness!

  9. I love Coal’s “…” face. It’s brilliant. I can’t wait to see what trouble they get into on their way to Eire!

    Keep it up!

    • Thank you! There will be trouble aplenty. XD