Chapter 6 | Page 17

You’re objecting quite forcefully there, Coal.

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  1. Methinks the lady…er, einherjar doth protest too much.

    Nice to know a bit of Loki has rubbed off on Sigyn. XD

    • *einherji

    • I suspect that the commonality was the attraction.

    • Well no young warrior wants to admit to being afraid of anything. Even if they actually are. XD

  2. Poor Hedda… I´m sure she realizes they´re talking about her, in the loosest sense, but what must she be thinking they say?

    • Haha, she’s certainly curious about what they’re saying. XD

  3. I always find it odd that the hand gets put between the person’s mouth and who they’re whispering to.

    • Haha! Probably because they don’t actually want it to not be heard, really. XD Or I drew it wrong and didn’t notice!

  4. Oh, very subtle, all three of you :P

    • Sound travels real well in that valley.

  5. I can’t help but think that Hedda is thinking “Wtf?”

    Keep drawing all these awesome comics!

    • Haha, thank you! She’s certainly curious about what they’re discussing.

  6. I bet that Loki isn’t scared of girls :)

    • Well, he does turn into one quite often. xD

    • Nope! Well, maybe a couple of specific ones, but not all of them! :D

      • yeah, the name Skadi springs to mind :P

  7. AhhHedda’s face. Always lookin so :\

    • Yeah, she’s gotta get a smile! So few smiles in this comic. At least Loki smiles.

  8. Sigyn and Loki look like two concerned parents staring at Coal…awwwww. <3

    • Concerned or fed up! Probably more fed up than anything, really.

  9. I *love* Coal. :)

    This comic just keeps getting better.

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad Coal is a loveable little goober.

  10. I can’t believe nobody’s said this yet but…

    “Talk to the hand!”

    • where is that “like” button…

    • HAHA! That could work.

  11. This whole exchange and the insertion of Hedda into the narrative is charming. At first she was a horror story, but this interlude is wonderful.

    • Thank you! Yeah Hedda had a rough start, but things are already looking better for her. :D

  12. I noticed the same thing about the hands being faced the “wrong” way, but after thing about it, I was pretty sure that they wanted Coal to hear them too XD Oh Coal, don’t deny the truth