Chapter 6 | Page 19

Yep, just that once. Now for adventure!

Caps won last night! I’m pretty happy about that! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! (and thanks for reading)

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    At least I assume it’s Loki.

    • Inappropriate? Time to laugh?

      I’m not sure he fathoms those words in conjunction.

    • Hahaha, whoops. It might be Loki but the laughter isn’t a reaction to anything Hedda said. It certainly looks like that though. Hopefully the next page will clear it up. :|

  2. Great stuff. Keep up the good work.

  3. I also assume it’s Loki. Lovely page as always :)

  4. I always assume inappropriate laughter is Loki. And inappropriate comments, and jokes, and magic, **shoves muses in a closet and locks them in** I’m totally not getting into that. Too many versions of Loki in my head.

    • Well Loki generally IS inappropriate, so it’s a fair bet to assume. XD

      • Tends to be his MO. And keeps people off kilter. Makes things more fun. :)

  5. I find Hedda staring up at Rollo in the thrid panel to be so cute!

    • Haha, thanks! She’s probably hoping she doesn’t get seasick.

  6. Any news on the survey?

    • It seems a lot of people might be interested in a print version, depending on the price. Merchandise was strangely equal-ish, with stuff like prints and posters taking the overall lead. Well, the serious overall lead. Most people want a Jormungandr plush but that’s out of my hands. XD

  7. I hope he’s in his sheep outfit again! :O

    • HAHA! Then the bubble should say “Bah!”

  8. Hiya! Just commenting to say I LOVE this comic and I just blitzed through it all and can’t wait for the next page! And I sorta went silly plugging it to my friends cos it’s been ages since I’ve seen a spiritually-accurate Norse myth comic xD
    Um.. is it alright if I do some fanart? I wanted to draw Loki meeting.. well my own version of Loki xD Yeah I love norse myth xD But would that be too egotistical..??
    Also my art is nowhere near this good T^T
    P.S. you are awesome and I am fangirling already xD

    • Haha, thank you so much! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the comic so far. :D I do try hard to make sure the comic doesn’t disrespect the spirituality of the Norse myths, since there are many people who still actively worship these gods. I only hope I’m not butchering things horribly, but we’ve yet to get to any of the stuff I made up completely. XD

      Anyway, yes, I love fanart! :D It’s always fun to see other people’s interpretations of Loki. :3