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His whaaaat?

So close to the end! And the next chapter isn’t written! I better get my butt in gear. Thanks, guys! See you next week! :D

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  1. Loki probably wouldn’t be the worst uncle ever actually, just the kind where you never know what he’ll give you for Christmas or what’s gonna happen at family dinners. xD
    Also, been thinking this for a few pages now but hadn’t commented, I really like how Sigyn’s dress looks, it’s quite pretty!

    • Sounds like my uncles! …. OK, now I want Loki as an uncle.

    • Sounds like my Uncle Bob. He gave me $10.00 in pennies in a coffee can covered with duct tape. My sister got the same in a 6′ pvc pipe that he super glued closed.

    • Thank you! And Loki as an uncle would probably be awesome. He would be the “Cool Uncle” who transformed into horses to let his nieces and nephews ride around on him. Can’t beat that.

      • I would expect changing into a horse would be filed under “things to never do again” by Loki. Potential traumatic memories involving Slepnir, and things like that. Would I be wrong?

        • Haha! I dunno, I think Loki would change to a horse if he felt like it. He’d probably stay a male horse though. ;3

    • I agree — Sarah’s version of Loki as an uncle would totally rock! :)

  2. Uncle? But I also think Loki as an uncle would be pretty great.

    • Coal might not agree with you there, haha! A jotun in the family is asking for trouble.

  3. Oh snap! Did Loki just refer To Coal as a kid?

    • Nah, just a nephew.

    • Loki wasn’t speaking in this page? I hope it’s not confusing that way. D: But I meant that Loki told Hedda he was Coal’s uncle.

      • Oh not confused no, but I figured Loki insinuated (sp?) that Coal’s parents were dead and so he was living with his uncle. From what I have heard of Coal the very idea that he would need some sort of parental supervision would be a bit insulting!

        • In that day and age, you didn’t live alone. Unless you were a hermit or other eccentric. It would have been quite normal for a grown man with wife and children to live with his uncle.

          • Look at that, I learned something new today!
            Thanks :D

        • Oh, I see! That’s basically what Loki did, except that he was claiming to be Coal’s uncle. I was going to bring this up next week, but it was a common practice to send boys to live with their uncles (typically their maternal uncle if I remember right) where they learned how to fight or a craft or whatever. It was thought this kept them from becoming soft, since if they stayed with their families they could grow up spoiled. Coal’s feelings toward parental supervision might surprise you. :3

  4. Top panel is just impossibly cute! Coal, Y U NO wanna be in this family? XD

    • Haha, thanks! Coal is being his usual curmudgeonly self. :3

  5. So that’s what the laugh was, last panel.

    • Yep! Loki wasn’t laughing at Hedda, because that would be really mean.

  6. Good stuff. Thanks for the comic!

  7. Keep it up! I’m excited to see how their voyage plays out.

  8. Looks like someone’s gonna be having words with his “uncle” about this.

  9. I keep telling myself to not read for awhile so I can read a bunch at once, but I just can’t help checking in every week.

    • Haha, I certainly understand wanting to read in chunks! Once a week can be a drag, but I’m glad you check in every week anyway. :D Thank you!

      • In other news, after watching The Avengers, I just felt like wikipedia’ing everything about Thor from the comics to the Norse myths…

  10. Coal going to have some explaing to do when he gets back to Asgard :)

    Great work keep them coming

    • Thanks! :D And yeah he’ll have to do some fast talking when he meets those gods again.

  11. Sooooooo, what happened to his parents? I WANNA KNOW!
    I’m going to have to wait, aren’t I?

    By the way, I didn’t draw this but, Happy Mothers Day!

    (that’s the Marvel movies version of Loki btw)

    • Haha, yep, you’ll have to wait. :3 And yeah I’ve seen that drawing, I follow Brianna on Tumblr. XD Thanks!

  12. Also — can’t find the text from your previous filler post, so I don’t know if you ever answered my question about the anthology you’re going to be in. More details when you can give them, please! Sounds very much like the sort of thing I’ll want to read! :)

    • Oh, sorry, I deleted that page! And I dunno if we’re allowed to talk about the anthology (but I dunno if it’s that big a deal either). It’s basically focused around mythology and there’s several other webcomic artists involved too! It’s exciting and I’ll definitely give more info about it later. :D