Chapter 6 | Page 22

Surly silence time.

I had a good time in Florida and I’m back and ready to comic! Chapter 6 is verrrrrry close to finishing! Like two more pages close.

Hey guys, do you remember InkOutbreak? I mentioned it when I first joined, and there’s a little widget in the sidebar down there sort of advertising it too. Well, if you’re a member, you can vote for TMK! It looks like InkOutbreak is trying to fix up the problems associated with voting sites like TWC, hoping to give all comics a chance to get noticed. There are even different categories you can vote in! The better the vote, the better likely TMK will be seen by people who might like it. Creators can even add incentives, which I did! It’s not a brand new incentive if you watch my tumblr page, but in case you don’t, you can vote to see a drawing of Coal and his mom when he was a little kid! If this works out well, I’ll try to do better, more fun incentives. Suggestions are always welcomed too. :D

Thanks everyone! See you next week! <333

Discussion (12) ¬

  1. Good Gravy Coal, why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel!

    • FEELINGS are for weaklings!

  2. Lesse. She was a slave that did all the work the “important” people couldn’t be ased to. She probably know how to do more then you Coal, your job being mainly sticking people with a sword, and you got killed doing that, didn’t you.

    • Coal isn’t listening to you, I must say.

  3. Tsk, RUDE! Badmouthing poor Hedda AND interrupting Loki’s speech bubble!

    • Coal is the best at being rude.

  4. Jeeze, Coal, stop being such a Grumpy McGrumppants. You will not regret having a fine Irish lass aboard.

    • He wants to believe that! But he has a hard time doing so. D:

  5. I liked Coal better when he was just doing his funny faces ;)

    • You and me both! But don’t worry, there will be many more of those to come. ;3

  6. What does Loki think of his portrayal in The Avengers (besides “I have better taste than to wear that monstrosity of a ‘hat’.”)

    • I haven’t seen the Avengers, so I can’t say!