Chapter 6 | Page 23

Hmph. :c

Next week is the last page! Goodness gracious. See you then! :D

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  1. Coal you brat she’s cold!! Be nice to the poor tgirl! >:c

  2. Go on. Give her your cloak, big tough Viking.

    • But it might get cooties on it!

    • But is that MANLY?

  3. Cue Coal showing that he has a heart there somewhere in 3…2…1

    • Somewhere. Somewhere deep, deep inside….

  4. Coal is just hilarious but he probably doesn’t know about it ;)

    • Haha, nope! He doesn’t think he’s funny at all.

  5. He’s acting like a grumpy old man. It’s so adorable!

    • Luckily he’s cute enough to get away with it.

  6. Last chapter, last of series? Last ever?

    • Yes, last page ever. That’s the end!

  7. Is she shivering form cold, or because she heard their conversation, I wonder. Poor girl probably would expect to be thrown overboard, the kinda week she’s had.

    • It’s from the cold, but I can see how it could be interpreted otherwise. She’s certainly had a crappy time lately. D:

  8. Can I beat on Coal, just a little bit? Gentle like so he can finish his quest. Wouldn’t want Odin pissed at me for preventing his bobble from being found and getting all grrr face at me.

    With huggleness like that, Coal….. you got whacked unkissed, didn’t you. Never mind …. coffee time. :P

    • Hahaha! You can beat on Coal all you like, he’s basically invincible anyway. XD