Chapter 6 | Page 24

See! He can be nice.

I’m going to plug a Kickstarter! A fellow Virginian named Meg Gandy (and some guy named Jesse Bausch whose existence I’m beginning to doubt) has been working on Godsend, a really cool black and white webcomic with story influences from classic fantasy mythology and artistic inspiration from the Middle East. It combines into a really unique and awesome story. Meg put together the Kickstarter for volume one the other day, and I encourage you guys to check it out! You can read Godsend online for free, but if you like it you should donate and think about getting the book version!

Next week is a title page (sorry)! CHAPTER SEVEN BEGINS! Finally getting away from these fjords. Thanks for reading! :D

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  1. Baby steps are better than no steps!

    • I wouldn´t call something this loud “baby steps”. Well, unless we´re talking baby frost giant or something.

      • Agreed, I don’t want to think about how uncomfortable his boots must be if he’s making that much noise with them.

    • Yep! One step forward, two steps back. Baby steps.

  2. Coal I always knew you’re sweethart ;)

    • Yeah he can be nice sometimes! Now and then. Rarely.

  3. Awwww Coal! Look at you showing us that chivalry really isn’t dead! ;D

    • He is a gallant warrior! Maybe.

  4. Coal’s got a girl-frieeeeeennnnd … ;D

    • Haha! Better make sure he doesn’t hear you say that.

  5. Dammit Coal, stop giving my feels!

    • Too bad! Feels everywhere!

  6. Such a sensible girl you are, Hedda.

  7. I like that she just goes back to sleep.

  8. Aw, Coal, under that gruff exterior, you really are a reluctant sweetie.

    • Yeah, he’s really a nice guy when he wants to be!

  9. Awesome! I’ve just finished reading after finding this comic (and few others) and I think I’ve wasted my free day in a very enjoyable manner :)
    Is it available in print as well? Or not?

    • Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed the story so far! It’s not available in print right now, but that’s a long term goal. Someday!

  10. Let the shipping commence!

  11. Coal is a tsundere