Chapter 7 | Page 4

Convenient interruptions are the best interruptions.

Not much to say this week! See you next week! Woo! Thanks for reading. :3

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  1. Sounds like Loki slept well :P

    • Actually even when I do sleep well I groan when I get up. Because I want to still be sleeping. :c

  2. Loki… priceless as always :)

  3. Cole is…very blunt. :)
    In the third panel he seems to be saying “What’s wrong with YOU? Why aren’t you happy?”

    • There’s just no pleasing some people!

  4. “Groan”… sleeping on a cold wooden deck is hard on a body!

    • Especially an older body. Like Loki. Who is old.

      • How old is he?

        • Haha, he’s like 40ish in my mind, assuming Jotnar and humans age the same (for the sake of sanity I think I’ll say they do!). Sigyn is about ten years younger than him.

          That’s not to say 40 is super old or anything! I would groan too after sleeping on a wood floor! I think we all would.

  5. “Certainly not mine.”

    *Perfect.* Love the small print!

    • Haha, thank you! Coal absolves himself of all responsibility. Or tries to.

  6. You must feel good getting such awesome fanart! The last one of Coal looks so rough and real. That’s probably what he’d look like in real life, haha! :D
    Also! Did you know this comic now has a page on TVTropes?

    • Yeah I love each and every bit of fanart I get! And yes, I did know about the TVTropes page! I won’t deny that I google TMK now and then to see what shows up, and that’s always one of the top results. I don’t know exactly how those things get organized, but I really appreciate whoever put the page together and continues to update it! :D

  7. WooHoo! TvTropes!