Chapter 7 | Page 5

We need gas.

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  1. Why didn’t they pack beds? It looks like there wouldn’t be a problem storing them on Rollo.

    • Except for chiefs/nobles/whatever, I don’t think beds were really brought on ships. They were rare even in houses. And if there was a bed on Rollo, Coal’s mother was in it, and that’s still in the mound.

      In other words I just wanted to make Loki suffer.


  2. He’s is just making excuses, isn’t it? XD

    • Not really, there is something very important down in Hedeby! ;D

      • A rest-stop with snack machines and clean restrooms?

  3. Poor Loki ;)

  4. Now, did Loki not tell him that up front because Coal wouldn’t have agreed, or just because he needs to keep up his Trickster stuff?

    • Haha, he just didn’t think to tell him. >_>

      • Trickster, then. Just running on autopilot

  5. But Loki~! I thought we were going to dump her and run! She’s making the boat smell like a girl. :[

    • Best smell in the world!

  6. Bwahahahahhahahahaha. Is it just me, or in that last panel, does Loki’s hair hang like a girl’s? It’s hanging exactly like one of my best friend’s hair does when she first wakes up. Ah, how funny.

    And I wonder what’s in Hedeby! ^^

    • It’s not so much what as who. Mwa ha ha.

  7. Man makes plans, Loki laughs.

    • Loki is the best at plan-breaking.

  8. Oh no Coal, you’re gonna be stuck on a ship w/ a girl. Looks like you gotta keep your complainy face out longer.

    • His complainy face would be out whether she was there or not.

  9. Loki dumping her before she sacrifices us to her gods sorta takes presidence over hedeby.

    • Hahaha, yeah but it’s so far awaaaaaay.

  10. I just love Loki making Coal’s live impossible.