Chapter 7 | Page 6

They’ve got like five Starbucks and eleven McDonald’s.

I have new fanart for you to look at, check it out! It’s by Agata, who has a webcomic of her own that’s done with like ink pens and stuff, what’s up with that (just kidding). Be warned! It’s not necessarily safe for work and has mature themes, but her fanart of Coal and Hedda is perfectly G-rated. Please check it out!

Thanks! See you all next week!

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  1. These travelers…won’t just be from THIS world, will they?

    • If by “this” world you mean Midgard, then yes. Far as we know.

  2. oh god Coal’s eyes!

    I’m crying!

    • Hopefully that’s a good thing!

  3. Can’t wait for Hedeby :) I thought about drawing Coal and Hedda in more romantic situation but can’t imagine romantic Coal ;)

    • Haha, yeah me neither. I’m not sure he can be romantic, but he hasn’t really tried anyway. Thanks again! :D

  4. Could you put up a link to Top Webcomics so we can vote for you? You’re kind of hard to find on there.

    • If you do a search for Thistil Mistil Kistil you can find it, but I don’t put up incentives anymore because they got to be too frustrating to make. TWC is also so saturated with ugly, sexist ads that I don’t feel right sending people in its direction (not all the ads are like that, but enough to bother me). It’s not a true gauge of the good webcomics out there either. I’m tempted to take TMK down from it entirely, but haven’t quite brought myself to do it yet.

      Mostly it was the incentives though.

      • Well, to be fair, without TWC I never would’ve found TMK.

        • Yeah, that’s the thing kind of holding me back! People still seem to find TMK through there even though I don’t update its incentives or anything. Not sure how that works, but to get new readers it might be worth keeping it up there.

          Thank you for reading, by the way. :D

    • I understand.
      The reason people can still find you is that your loyal fans (like me!) vote for you even without incentives. The ranking isn’t a really good guide of what is good, but the descriptions can be. I’ve found some of my favorite webcomics, like Girl Genius and Not A Villain, through that site.

      • Yeah, I see people still vote for me, which means a lot! Thank you for doing so. :D

  5. Y’know, I think I’ve been to Hedeby once, to visit family I never knew I had. Nice place, from what I recall. Really cool viking museum, too, from what I can recall.

    Also, just to parrot a lot of other people, I do rather love the comic. You do good things and should feel good about yourself.

    • Really? Cool! Hedeby is in present-day Germany, but they have done some reconstruction and archaeological work. I’d love to go someday. And thank you so much! I’m glad you like the comic. :D

  6. Hedda is so cute in all of these panels!
    I can’t wait to see Hedeby. Are we going to get a fancy full page view of it when Loki and crew pull up?

    • Yep! Well it’ll just be one page, not a double spread, but there will be a big ol’ page for it. It’s not really that impressive of a city though. Nothing like Constantinople or anything. XD And thank you!

  7. Oh gosh…this is one of your best pages so far! The dialogue is well-paced and the expressions are well-drawn! I just love the drawing on this page. Well done! Can’t wait for the next page. :D

    • Hee, thank you so much! :D

  8. Great moving-the-story-forward comic… but the real laugh is in your blog post. OMG, love the image of the McStarbucks Viking metropolis!

    • Haha, glad you like it! Thanks! :D

  9. Hedeby… Okay Google, show me what you’ve got –
    Norse settlement in modern northern Germany, ~770 A.D.- 1066 A.D.
    Norse: Heiðabýr: from heiðr = heath, and býr =yard; Danish: Hedeby; German; Haithabu
    Predecessor settlement to the modern City of Slesvig(DN)/Schleswig(G)

    Okay, learned something new again.
    Nothing new about the time frame of the story though (was there some statement I missed?), since that’s about the whole Viking Age.

    • I’ll go into a bit more detail about Hedeby when the characters actually get there, but you can certainly look up all you want! As for the time period, I did mention in the FAQ that it does take place just any time during the viking age, which is from like 800 to 1100, give or take a decade. Thanks for reading, and I’m glad it made you do some research! XD