Chapter 7 | Page 11

Now I’m going to forget not to add the hole whenever I draw the cloak, you just wait.

Thanks for reading! See you next week! :D

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  1. I liked the holes. They looked like battle scars.
    I always loath to see something getting destroyed or shredded by battle or weather to magically appears reconstituted some minutes later. It takes the weight and soul out of objects that are sometimes more important than they give the looks for.
    Like traveling boots. You always want a good sturdy pair.

    But this is obviously symbolic as well, as Hedda fixes other holes in him. In all the cases, that was an interesting move there.

    • showing her feminine side both literally and figuratively.

    • Haha, I feel you on the holes and scars issue, but I also understand why they might disappear. In animation and comics it might get tedious and confusing to draw that stuff repeatedly (especially working with multiple artists). CG movies do have the bonus of being able to add all that sort of grit and dirt and scars and it will be consistent.

      And I love when people give me more credit than they should. :3

      • It’s a complicated and young industry, but one we love wholeheartedly, that of animation and art. Just like a teenager daughter…

        Oh, hush you. Here, have all the credits. You deserve them.

  2. How the heck can Loki sleep with all that sewing and adolescent sexual tension going on? And where did the needle and thread come from? Does Hedda have a reticule, or was it in the kistil?

    • Since the ship was a woman’s burial ship, it’s loaded with more domestic items, including several sewing kits. It wouldn’t be hard to root around a chest and find one. There’s a lot more stuff on the ship than I draw, and I’d like to go back and add it in later.

  3. It’s only a matter of time before she notices that his tunic has TWO matching sword holes, and they are rather alarmingly on opposite sides of his body. Maybe that’s why he’s scowling even though she’s being nice to him, because he knows awkward questions are coming soon.

    Or maybe he just really, really likes to scowl.

    • I think he just likes to scowl. :)

    • That last one times a million.

    • He is training for the scowling marathon, for the Olympics of 2016 in Brazil. He will face many challenging opponents, including myself, so he trains daily.

      • The only Olympic event where nobody ever smiles when they win the gold.

  4. I don’t believe Loki is sleeping ;)

    • Why? Just because he’s a trickster?

    • No one trusts Loki anymore! Such a shame.

  5. You know, it’s quite transformative seeing Hedda actually smiling. She almost looks like a different person to how she first appeared, you know?

    • I imagined that Hedda probably always had a sweet, kind disposition. That is why the old man loved her, perhaps even more than his own children.

      Of course, asking her to die put a damper on the relationship…

      • I took it as the old man just wanted to have a slave continue to wait on him in the afterlife. It didn’t seem like his decision was particularly motivated by love.

        That being said, Hedda does seem like a genuinely sweet, kind person. She seems overjoyed to finally have an opportunity to do something nice for Coal.

    • Yeah, it’s more fun to draw her smiling than…not. :D

  6. Haha, lazy Loki.

    • Hey it’s still early. He’s a night owl. Look I sort of made a joke.

  7. Awwww… Hedda. :)

    • She just wants to help!

  8. Coal, Hedda is so nice to you. And yet you just want to dump her in Ireland first chance you get.

    • Coal is a complicated kid. Also a jerk.

  9. Don’t forget to smile dude, your face won’t melt…

    • Coal is not too sure of that.

  10. Me and my sister were talking about how strange it was to us that Hedda was all cheery. Especially since she was just freed from. Being a slave.Then we thought about what we just said.Heh,we’re stupid sometimes.

    • Haha! Don’t worry, she won’t smile all the time. :3