Chapter 7 | Page 12

Ironically the one place there isn’t a hole is in his chest.

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  1. What was it that stabbed him through so thoroughly anyway?
    A polearm of some sort?

    The fact that an axe wouldn’t make a hole that pierces through and through like that, implies that it probably wasn’t a death at the hands of his kinsmen.

    • It was a sword, from when Coal first encountered Loki. (the first time in the comic, anyway) It’s roughly in the middle of chapter two.

    • Others have said, but the holes are from Loki’s sword. Coal was not happy when the guy stabbed his nice tunic. >:c

      • It was his favorite tunic!

        Now it’s being repaired, by a very sweet girl who’s only motive seems to be that she wants to do something nice for him. Look at how happy he is! He MUST be happy, because only a total jerk would be grumpy in this situation, right? :)

  2. Bwahaha! That was so cute, I loved her instant no when he asked if she needed his pants.

    • Haha! Yeah she doesn’t need that.

      • Not yet. ^^

  3. Oddly nuff, that scene is where I have the comic bookmarked, then I just hit ‘last page’.

    • Haha, yeah, that page! Why do you have that one bookmarked though and not just the main page? XD

  4. What, dead boys heal sword punctures? I totally expected him to still have a hole through and through. THAT would’ve required some ‘splainin! XD

    • Haha, Coal is dead, but he’s also magical! He’s basically invulnerable since drinking Odin’s beer.

  5. I just love Hedda’s blush and Loki’s smile.

    • Hehe, thanks! I redrew Loki’s face several times to get that smile and I’m glad people like it. XD

  6. Ok… I love Loki’s little smirk there in the last panel.

    • Thanks! He’s all like “Ah, youth.”

  7. That last panel, it just…it says it all.

    • Yep! Hopefully more smirks like that will abound!

  8. “Ironically the one place there isn’t a hole is in his chest.”



  9. Dayum, Coal is a total hotty under that tunic! Too bad he’s dead.

    • Yeah being dead puts a damper on hotness.

      • Yeah, being dead, the best you can do is ambient temperature.

      • Doesn’t stop the Twilight fangirls

  10. Loki you wipe that smirk right off of your face. There is nothing going on here! >:(

    • Just teenager stuff! But it’s too cute, he can’t help it. :c

  11. Hedda’s blush face is adorable. ^_^

    • Haha, thanks! Surprised she hasn’t blushed much before, actually.

  12. Woah! Coal’s buff! :) What warm-blooded thrall wouldn’t appreciate the glimpse Hedda’s getting?

    (Actually, I’m sure most thrall women didn’t associate a buff male physique with, oh, safety and enjoyment.)

    Sarah, what were Viking feelings on modesty? Is Coal just oblivious, or would that have been a culture-wide comfort zone?

    Also, the link back to Coal getting stabbed reminds me that we really have no idea just what Loki is up to. I have a feeling that whatever it is, the unforseen complication of Hedda is now playing right into his plan.

    • You know…that’s a good question. I haven’t read anything specifically about their attitudes toward nudity, so I can only guess. They lived in a cool climate, so they definitely wore clothes that covered them more than not, just because they needed to. A lot of people lived close together too, especially in big halls. Bedrooms/bed-closets were rare, so privacy wasn’t really common. It might have been something they didn’t really worry about, but didn’t flaunt either? I honestly have no idea.

      In Coal’s case, he’s just being a jerk! >:c

  13. Coal, do the words “modesty” and “tact” mean nothing to you?

  14. Coal looks a lot less impressive and younger when hes, ya know, wearing clothes. Maybe its they way he looks like he slouches sometimes but it usually makes him look smaller.

    I guess I kinda didn’t expect him to be rather well built but its a good reminder that he isn’t a kid but is a grumpy, undead, teenage viking…not something I thought I would type today.

    • He also might look less impressive because I don’t always remember myself that he was a warrior and forget to draw him as such. Even before he drank Odin’s beer, he was fighting and practicing a lot (he’s also growing into his father’s stature, who was a beefy guy, but that’s something else altogether :3 ).

  15. Coal! Now is the best time to carve her toke of affection with beaver teeth! Quickly, while she is still bewildered by your manly bodey!

    • Coal still wonders why he should carve anything.

      • It’s his destiny as wielder of the Teeth of Beavers.

  16. I love the look on Loki’s face in the last panel. And Hedda’s smile in the first.

  17. Coal should be happy that so adorable girl wants to darn his clothes. But he’s just… Coal ;)

    • Coal don’t give a darn! Hahahahahahahahahaaaaasorry.


    • Hahaha, well she’s the one bugging him about it!

  19. Love the look on Loki’s face in the last panel.

    • Thanks! I’m glad it came across well, I fiddled with the smile for a while. :3

  20. fav page since a while. Love it all together, Coals reaction, Hedda’s blushing face (kinda cute) and Loki’s smile. This page reminded me too that Coal isn’t a child, my head kinda lost track of that a while ago.
    Alltogether, love the page.

    • Thank you! Yeah I forget that too sometimes. Coal is/was a warrior and he is/was good at it.

  21. I’m kind of surprised that Coal isn’t the one blushing. He doesn’t impress me as the “show off my manly physique” type. More of a “Gah!-Girl-looking-at-me-whadda-I-do!” kind of critter.

    • Haha! Even if Coal wanted to blush (though who wants to blush), he can’t anymore because he doesn’t have working blood vessels. :D Otherwise I think there were some scenes he would have already blushed in.

  22. Well done Hedda, remembering even when on the run and leaping from towering cliffs to pack the sewing kit :D

    • Hahaha, actually Hedda found it on the ship. It was a woman’s burial so there’s that kind of stuff around. I might go back and alter the dialogue to mention this.

  23. I just discovered this today and I can’t wait for next Thor’s Day’s update ^^ I love your style! And Loki & family are just adorable.

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far. :DDD

  24. Off with yer clothes, Viking!

  25. So I’m the one with the totally random question, but what’s the braid thing on Coal’s lap in the second panel?

    Also I love the page and everything else that has been previously mentioned.

    • Oh, that’s his belt! Thank you. XD

  26. Bow chicka wow wow there Coal