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  1. Yaaaaaaaay! The blue tunic! I’ll miss his royal purple though.
    Also, one day I MUST make a cosplay of your Loki. If only because his outfit is AWESOME.

    • Yes, blue tunic! It only took four years! Thank you. XD Good luck cosplaying Loki, his outfit is certainly something.

  2. He said “please” I still can’t believe ;)

    • There’s hope for him yet!

    • Haha! Stranger things have happened!

  3. I love Hedda’s continued reaction to Coal’s manly physique and/or his perceived attitude towards nudity and the fact that Coal said please. There’s some hope for the boy yet.

    • Yep! He’s not completely helpless in that regard. XD Thanks!

  4. Blue! :D
    And now that I think about it, Hedda’s probably never seen someone so good-looking as Coal… Only old geezers, haha.

    • Hahaha! Well, maybe. There were other people on that farm/estate place besides the old man and his family. Still!

  5. Costume change! Woot!
    Does this mean he doesn’t need to breathe underwater? Just gotta find some iron boots…

    • Haha, exactly. He doesn’t need to breathe at all, actually. XD

  6. Oooooooo!

    He said “please.”!!

    Coal’s gotta girl-friend,

    Coal’s gotta girl-friend!


    • Don’t tease him! It might be the last thing you ever do. D:

      • Heh. I’m safe on this side of the screen.

        Very charming, this, BTW. The only problem is waiting between pages. :)

  7. Coal looks so cold :c

    I cannot express enough how much I love this this comic. It’s just… Fantastic.

    • Thank you! Coal actually isn’t cold, or he doesn’t feel it at least. He’s just grumpy. :3

  8. Yeah right, Loki remembered to pack Coal’s extra cloths. “I remembered” is probably code for ‘Sigyn remembered and gave me the bag’.

    • He did remember! Those are the clothes he was buried with, and Loki brought them magically from his little boat. You guys have so little faith in Loki!