Chapter 7 | Page 19

Don’t worry Coal, I hate clothes shopping too.

Next week is the last page of this chapter, and then a new one begins! A new one I have not even thumbnailed yet because I was waiting to get the okay from a Muslim friend that everything in the chapter was ship-shape but he hasn’t responded to me yet and it’s been like a month and oh well! I’m sure you guys will point out what’s wrong or the better way to do things. I’ll just move along and hope for the best.

Thanks for reading, see you next week! :D <3

Oh and I just remembered that TMK turned three years old on November first! Happy Birthdaaaaaaaay. :D Thanks all of you for reading and sticking around.

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  1. HEY! It’s that guy!

    • Perhaps Ibrahim the hitherto-faceless Moor?

      • No. Koh hasn’t gotten him. Ibrahim has been in a few incentives and we also learned he hates snow.

    • Funny, he doesn’t LOOK like Mr. Eglamore…

    • THAT guy! *still frame*

  2. Um Coal? Your eyes just got freakier, juuuuuust thought you’d want to know.

    • Haha! Sadly I don’t think he can tell.

  3. Hedda, dearest, if there is one God that is in a position to give advice on dresses – having both worn them himself and having a keen appreciation of the usual wearers – it would be Loki.
    …Whether it is wise to actually TAKE his advice, though, is another matter entirely. His advice is frequently more two-edged than OĆ°inn’s gifts.

    In this case, though, the dress will bring out the color of your eyes quite nicely. Listen to him.

    • But…but… she sewed every patch herself! It’s Boho.

    • Loki does like the frills now and then.

  4. I’m looking forward to see Loki helping Hedda find new dress. It’ll be cute.

    • I suspect Loki may regret not having kept an eye on Coal in the process.

      Just a trifle.

    • Hahah, it would be! They’d be quite a shopping pair.

  5. Happy TMK birthday Sarah! I’m still just as big a fan of the comic now as when I found it over 2 years ago, if not more so.

    It’s been great to see Hedda developing over the last couple of chapters. I still remember asking about her when she first appeared on the fundraiser wallpaper against trafficking women waaay before she showed up =)

    • Thank you! Yeah it’s been a long time, and I’m glad people have taken to Hedda like they have. She seems to be well-liked, and I hope people like Ibrahim as much! :D

  6. Happy birthday TMK!
    There are already so many reasons to love this webcomic – and things don`t seem likely to slow down, so keep rocking!

    • I will do my best! Thank you!

  7. Looks like Coal is out to kill someone he (dimly) recognized. Hope Coal remembers it’s THOR’S DAY, and that there is no killing done in the public market during said day.

    • Coal does what he wants! Though yeah killing Ibrahim right off the bat would be bad.

  8. Hark! A new character approacheth!


    Coal’s Viking senses are tingling!

    • Very heightened senses, he has.

  9. Happy birthday, TMK!

    And yay, we finally get to really meet Ibrahim! I’ve been excited about that character since you showed us some sketches back ages ago. :)

    • Yay! I’m glad most people seem excited to see him. Course you all may be sick of him soon since the next chapter features only him, similar to Hedda’s chapter. Oh well! :D

  10. I think Ibrahim’s the character I’ve been most excited to meet since I found this comic however long ago I did, and now we’re only one page away. The suspense. :O

    • Oh, thanks! I’m glad people are excited to see him! I’m afraid it might be a couple more pages until you see him properly though. XD

  11. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see Ibrahim because I’m a Muslim too and I love it when I see them around! (I’m a bit too excited I think |-D)