Chapter 8 | Page 1

Surely there’s a giant blob letter in the alphabet we can turn this into.

Hope you guys are excited for another Chapterus Interruptus! It won’t be the last. Thanks for reading! <333

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  1. …I’m sure there’s a giant blob letter in some language Ibrahim. You’ll find it buddy.

    • If anyone can, Ibrahim can.

  2. What a cute not- northern scenery ;)

    • They ain’t in Kansas anymore! Or ever were, really, but whatever.

  3. If it were Diwani script, he might be able to turn it into a really, really big ornamental curlicue or something. But alas, tis not the case!

    • Alas! Maybe he can turn it into a Hidden Mickey.

  4. Oh man this is exciting! I think Arabic looks so beautiful when written. Haha.

    • Thank you! Yeah it really is beautiful even when just scribbled by a person who can’t read or write the words! Some of the real, genuine calligraphy is amazing.

  5. Ooooo, this is so pretty! I love all the bright hues.

    Do the words you chose mean anything?

    • Thanks! You mean the words Ibrahim is writing? They were taken from some of Plato’s stuff. Hopefully they at least look like real words to people who can read them!

      • “Al-dhalma…. Al-aan al-kahf… al-b•”

        The only words that make any sense are Al-aan al-kahf, which means “And now the cave…”

        I’d be more than happy help you out with Arabic text if you’d like, though calligraphy would be beyond me.

        • Hey, that’s right! At least as far as I remember, I just snagged some stuff from Plato about his allegory of the cave and typed it into Google translate. >_> But thank you for the offer! I might take you up on that later. XD

          • Thought to add for you folks that are interested in this kind of stuff:

            Ibrahim is actually pronounced, with a tiny pause at each dash, eb-ra-heem. Deriving from it is the name Abraham, such as Abraham Lincoln.

  6. Woohoo, new character!

    And he appears to be a scholar of sorts? Yeah, I can tell he and Cole are going to get along just fine.

    • Hahaha, yeah like fire and water.

  7. OH SNAP! the quill broke!

  8. Ah, the perils of a reed pen!

    What fun to get into this location…

  9. I love this, I love you, and I love that there’s a bookworm in here! I have a thing for books (and Arabic).