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Happy December everyone! I’m going on vacation with the family in a couple of weeks, so there might be a missed update or two later in the month. Either way, thanks for reading! See you next week! :D

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  1. First thought: “OMG! He followed him home?!! Bad Coal!” Second thought: “Girl, you are having too much fun with the colors!” XD

    • Haha! Coal would have to travel fast to get that far so fast. Also he’s more likely to just pounce than sneak.

  2. I felt like a rainbow jumped out and smacked me in the face for that last panel. xD

    • Haha, just how Ibrahim feels!

  3. We’re in Espania?

    • Yep! Al Andalus is what the Moors called Spain, or their area of Spain.

  4. Ermagherdz so many colours I love it!
    Also those little kids are so bloody adorable… but now Ibrahim’s manuscript will be completely ruined – first the blob letter from his pen snapping, and now this!

    • No peace anywhere! And none for a while either.

  5. Heh, kids. Re-re-found this comic, still loving it.

    My step-mom’s cousin’s name is Arezou. I love how middle eastern names have meanings–for example, Arezou means “heart’s desire”

    And is that a fez? Fezzes are cool.

    • Thanks! And all names have meanings, really. XD It’s not a fez, it’s just a kind of cap.

  6. Lovely colors :)

  7. He too, has 2 brats.

  8. That face in the third panel! That’s a ‘long-suffering older brother’ face if I’ve ever seen one.

    • Haha! Quite an accurate assessment.

  9. He’s just like Loki….Got a nice property, nice house, two kids. Can’t afford to buy em shoes.

    • I bet he does buy them shoes, but have you ever tried to keep shoes on a young child? It’s next to impossible!

  10. Love the colors and expressions here. :>

  11. Hahaha! Poor Ibrahim! First a broken nub and now terrorized by kids! :)

    • Even being a prince can be a drag!

  12. But it looks like the bushes are behind him and he looks behind to grouse at the sneaker. Then they pounce him from over the table, which would put them in front. Is there a third sneaker as a distraction?

    • No they’re just that fast. Like ninjas. Or maybe they were throwing rocks over there, I dunno.

  13. After spotting the wild Ibrahim, a tranquil, boring creature, we are rewarded with a sighting of his natural predators–the exciting Harun and the flamboyant Arezou.

    • I wonder if we can capture their movements on a hi-speed camera and study it.

  14. I just noticed his grey eyes….. Now where have I seen that before?