Chapter 8 | Page 11

He’s drinking apple juice.

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  1. Thank goodness for favorite uncles.

    • Haha yeah! They’re not all evil murderers.

  2. Darn you strategically placed speech bubble!

    Beautiful art as always. c:

    I don’t have any suggestions for your store, but I love that Ezio print.
    It makes me giggle.


    • IT’S THERE. Though even if it wasn’t, you’d only see the back of a head.

      • I’m gonna go be suspicious until next Thorsday. Ibrahim’s dad seems more elusive and mysterious every week!

  4. Uncle’s are the best! I wonder if he’s the father’s brother or the mother’s…

    In Farsi (Iranian) there are two words for Uncle and two words for Aunt: Amu is the father’s brother; Ameh is the father’s sister; Daui (dah-ee) is the mother’s brother; and Khaleh (“kh” tends to be unpronounceable unless you grow up with it) is the mother’s sister.

    Also, family friends get called Uncle and Aunt a lot, though which term used varies.

    Although I don’t know how the words differ in Arabic.

    Sorry, it’s just rare I get to see people from this half of my cultural background in comics, and I’m super excited and stuff.

    It’s not quite a squee.

    Okay there might be some squeeing.

    But it’s mostly on the inside.

    • Aw, thank you! I’m glad you’re excited! It’s definitely fun to shine a light on other cultures. I only hope I do them justice. And Uzair is Ibrahim’s paternal uncle, so I guess he’d be Amu Uzair! Omigosh you could shorten that to Amuzair. How cute!

      • Oh my gosh! I just realized they’re playing chess! Or I think they are. There’s not exactly enough room for you to have drawn a full chessboard :D

        I believe the term “checkmate” comes from “Shah mat”–meaning “The King is Dead”

        Okay, I’ll stop gushing now.

  5. Who is the daddy?

    there is something ominous in the fact the phylactere is hiding the face of our young hero’s father?

    Odin’s avatar? I find the uncle to have something of Loki and Odin and Loki being blood brothers, it would make sense our young man to call Loki’s avatar uncle???

    Just thinking, just thinking? and clutching at straws!

    • Hahaha, I’m afraid you’re just clutching at straws. XD Ibrahim’s dad is an ordinary human.

  6. Ah very clever, we still have to wait at least another week to see what his dad looks like. XD

    • I’m a master at procrastination suspense.

  7. Hrmm, “apple juice” you say. Are you sure that isn’t a glass of delectable Sherish (known today as Sherry) which originates in al Andalus and was based on a style made in the region of Shiraz in Iran?

    Yeah alcohol is forbidden by Sharia but imbibing still went on in much of the Islamic world anyway, just out of the public eye. People gotta have their booze.

    • Whaaaaaaat? I didn’t know sherry came from al Andalus! (Now you know how much research I’ve really done) That’s neat. And I figured they drank anyway, but I don’t really want to say one way or another just in case. It’s whatever drink you want it to be!

      • From Shiraz Iran, we get the name of Jerez Spain, and onward to Shiraz wine, Syrah wine and Sherry.
        If you go to Spain I highly recommend visiting Jerez and touring a sherry bodega (obviously followed by a tasting).

  8. Aw, still in suspense until we see dad’s face next week!
    Beautiful art, as always :)

    And I just got the Ezio print! It makes me smile so much every time I see it =D

    • Ah! Thank you so much for getting the print! I hope it looks good, I haven’t seen my stuff printed. Colors can definitely look different on a screen than on a piece of paper!

      • Update! I got it in the mail a few weeks back and the colors turned out quite nicely, and are a perfect match to the rest of my room’s decor. Thanks for such awesome art :)

  9. Ibrahim is preparing for difficult conversation same as me ;) Lovely page as always :)

    • Hahah, yeah it’s a hard conversation! Thank you!

  10. Now this looks like a nice guy!

    • He is nice! He is a nice guy.

  11. I would like it if you put up a print for some more of the chapter title pages. They are really beautiful. I bet others would like it too.

    • Oh, really? Thank you! I thought of that, but I wasn’t sure which to put up. Some were more involved than others. I’ll have to give them another look-through!

  12. first time I saw the picture I thought Uzair was his father but then I realized Ibrahim’s father was the one with a word bubble over his face.

    Why must you keep me in suspense

    • Hahaha, I’m just a little stinker. All you’d see is the back of his head anyway.

  13. Hello. First time I comment here.

    At first: nice comic! I follow it since almost the beginning. :)

    Second thing (and reason of my comment): the page displayed on inkOutbreak for you new comic pages is “Page Not Found”. I guess a RSS feed change of something is needed in the setting? ^^;

    PS: it’s possible to get a thumb up widget from iO for you site too. :)

    • Thank you! Also yeah I bet because I deleted the previous page that had the drawing of Loki and them, it probably messed up the order of things. And I looked at that thumb widget, but it sounds like it can potentially mess up WordPress code or something! I’m a little hesitant to add it. XD

  14. So Uzair is Ibrahim’s uncle on his father’s side, not his mother’s! Judging by the sketch you posted here ( I thought he’d be related to Samarah — given the similar eye color, complexion, arched eyebrows, and slight smile (and also that the Caliph looks so much older). But I see that even in the sketch Uzair has the same slate-colored hair as his brother. Also, you’ve adjusted his eye color and facial hair.
    Moreover, I suppose that in polygamous families there could be very large age spreads between siblings if they don’t have to come from the same mother. IIRC, Ibrahim is the Caliph’s 9th son, so his oldest half-brothers could be 20 years older (not to mention any older sisters he might have).

    • Yes, Uzair is Ibrahim’s dad’s brother! The relationships can definitely be complicated to figure out. Also I don’t always nail down a design for secondary characters until I actually draw them in a page. XD

      And yes, the family is pretty big! Though Ibrahim’s mostly the ninth son just because nine is an auspicious number in Norse mythology than anything else. Samarah is probably the caliph’s second or third wife, and Ibrahim is sure to have much older brothers and sisters. In fact he’s probably an uncle himself! I haven’t nailed down everyone in his family because they’ll never show up and aren’t important to the story, but you can bet he’s got a big one. XD