Chapter 8 | Page 12

Is it under your hat?

I have an update to the fanart section! Queen of Daemons was nice enough to send me an awesome fanart of Sigyn, go check it out!

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  1. Under his hat? Why, yes it is.

    • There are many magical things under Ibrahim’s hat!

      • No hat is as quantiously magical as mine! I bid ye, good day!

  2. Ibrahim’s dad looks almost as grumpy as Coal ;)

    • Haha! He’s kind of a grumpy guy but he loves his babies.

  3. His face is so square. And droopy.

    I can just see him moving really, reeaally slowly, and talking really, reeaally slowly. And then pointing out that he just simultaneously put five different people in checkmate.

    • Hahaha! That could be him. He’s not a superfluous guy. Despite his hat.

  4. So I guess he’s sending Ibrahim on a walkabout then?

    “Wander the lands, experience life, don’t get brutally murdered by my political enemies or muggers, and especially, whatever you do, do not, under any circumstances, get involved in any way with any supernatural creatures, gods, and/or epic quests.”

    • Well I’m not going to tell you what happens! But it’s pretty obvious anyway. Ibrahim gets out one way or another. XD

  5. Thistil Mistil Kistil is a comic about vikings, Norse gods, and their adventures together (or against each other).

    When are we getting back to the above description?

    • Hmmm if I do the calculations right, this chapter ends around June. Ibrahim’s gotta make his way north! Thanks for reading.

  6. Why does Ibrahim’s dad sound like Marlon Brando in my mind? (Kind of like a combo of the Godfather and Jor-El.)

    • Haha! That’s an interesting voice choice! Could be fun.

  7. Finally we meet Ibrahim’s dad and see what he looks like. Another great mystery of the world is finally solved now if only I could figure out how Coal and Ibrahim would interact with one another. ;)

    • Haha well we already know thievery is involved so it’s probably not going to be good.

  8. Hey, Sarah, on a kind of related note: how are you liking The Vikings on the History Channel?

    • Haha, I haven’t been watching it. XD So I can’t say!

  9. I have to ask: What game are they playing? It looks a lot like chess, but as far as I know the variant they had there during that time had different pieces, and here all the pieces are the same color. Since I don’t know a lot about historical games, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was something I’d never heard of.

    • Heh, it is just chess. They pieces are vaguely based off the Lewis Chessmen. They’re a bit out of TMK’s time period, but I liked them and thought they were neat and just wanted to use them. XD

      • Ah. I see. Interesting. I guess Ibrahim’s father would have access to fancy chess sets such as that even with the problem if importing it, being Caliph.

        Oh, and I noticed that, of the main cast, extroverted characters have blue eyes and brown hair, and introverted ones have grey eyes (okay, technically Loki has black-whited white eyes, but like we’re gonna see them soon given the secrecy deal), and I have to wonder if it’s intentional. After all, you seem to be very careful about colors, and it makes a lot of sense. Blue eyes hint at innocence and friendliness, and brown hair is a peaceful, warm color, while grey’s coldness tends to drive people away, especially for things that aren’t supposed to be grey.

        • Oh man, sometimes you guys give me too much credit! Eye color is subject to my whim, frankly. Hedda has blue eyes, but she’s not really extroverted. Loki chose blue for his eyes because it’s his favorite color, but he could easily change it to whatever he wants. Coal’s eyes are green (well when he’s alive) because I didn’t want the blue eyes/blond hair/Aryan race comparison. Ibrahim’s are a slate kind of blue because I wanted them to pop from his darker skin and hair (and he does have European blood in him). Arne hasn’t shown up yet but he’s just going to have normal brown eyes. XD

          Secondary characters’ eye colors are especially subject to my whim because I don’t normally decided their colors till I actually have to color them for a page. XD

          • Ah. I see. Hedda seemed relatively extroverted to me, but then again, that’s mostly around Loki (who kind of radiates trustworthiness at least when in disguise) and Coal (who DID kind of save her life, which has got to make him seem a bit trustworthy), and besides, she seemed kind of shy around Loki’s kids.

            Come to think of it, I also forgot of a notable exception. Good ‘ol Rollo (who I do consider part of the main cast right now, if only because he’s too cute to be thought of as just a minor character) has BROWN eyes and is very, very, extroverted. Or possibly just Coaltroverted.

  10. I haven’t played chess in ages, of course I never was good at it.

    • Me too! I prefer checkers.

  11. I am saved! He’s not fat! CX