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Does Pig Latin count?

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  1. Pig Latin always counts.

  2. What about a smattering of Quenyan and Sindarin?

    • I shouldn’t have mentioned languages, I’m getting all sorts of jokes that go over my head!

      • They’re the two elvish languages from Lord of the Rings.

        I tried learning Quenyan once, but got sidetracked and never got back to it.
        The Sindarin I know is mostly stuff I picked up from the books and movies.

  3. Woah, harsh! There’s something to said for shooting straight, but you could have shot a little more curvy (as Fozzie Bear would say)!

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    • Ibrahim’s dad doesn’t mince words! He’s pretty direct. And I’m glad I could help your Kickstarter! I’ve been pledging an awful lot this year though, so I’m trying to be more limited. I love to pledge, it’s like an addiction! But dangerous.

  4. “He” doesn’t need another scholar? So the son is just some widget to be turned into whatever tool ‘he’ wants him to be.

    • Of course! Isn’t that how all father-son relationships work?

      • Nnope. Not mine. :-)

        • Curse you, middle-eastern heritaaaaaaage! :D

    • Well, yeah, kinda! Ibrahim is his ninth son, and his dad has other needs of him. Sucks being a prince sometimes!

      • Woah, prince? Has my age caught up with me to the point where I missed that detail or was that for a future post?

        • His dad is the Caliph, which is basically the King. I don’t know if that was explicitly stated in the comic yet, though, or just the blog posts/comments

        • Yeah I haven’t said in the comic yet, but Ibrahim’s father is the caliph of Cordoba, which is basically a king, so that would make Ibrahim a prince. Sort of. XD He’s nowhere near in line to become the caliph though.

  5. *Another* scholar son? How many scholar sons does he have? Does he rent them out? Because I could use a couple more.

    • He probably has a couple! Ibrahim’s got older brothers who are probably even more well read than he is. Such is life.

  6. I oubt-day Ig-pay atin-lay ounts-cay, adly-say.

    Also, I have a bad feeling that this is leading up to a diplomatic mission or maybe some of his father’s business in a foreign land. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • *WINK*

    • Reminds me of The 13th Warrior. The book & movie were both terriffic.

  7. Right now he’s debating whether he should tell his father he learned Elvish.

    • I think he’ll have a bit more trouble explaining the fact that he learned Klingon. Especially since the medium the Klingon race first appeared in hasn’t been invented yet.

    • You guys and yer joke languages.

      • We can’t all be so intellectual as to learn a sophisticated language like Pig Latin.

    • Dude, I’d be more concerned if Ibrahim spoke Binary.

    • Not the most pointless, I’m actively learning “dovah”

  8. Ooooh, are we going to be channeling a little Ahmad ibn Fadlan in the plotline here?

  9. Be careful Ibrahim that sounds like a trick question

  10. I can’t believe the last time I read was Thanksgiving! But I think waiting so long for it makes reading the updates kind of fun – almost like a whole issue has come out. This certainly is a different world from where you began, yet you write it with just as much beauty and respect as the last. Always good to see an artist take the time and do her research. Your characters are so enjoyable too. Well I’ll be back again, perhaps next week, perhaps not for a few months, but I’ll always be back!

    • Ah, thank you for coming back! I definitely understand when people don’t check in for a month or so, it’s more fun to read several pages at once. I’m glad you keep reading. Thank you!

  11. Ah, I miss the medieval Islamic world.
    So cultured, so educated. A beacon of civilization and knowledge in an otherwise degenerate and ignorant continent.

    And now look at it.

    You ask me, Islam peaked WAY too early.