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  1. Say hi to Coal for me, Ibraham.

  2. I see where this is going; Its all coming together now

    p.s. Your still doing a great job Miss Sarah :)

    • Haha, it’s pretty obvious now. Thank you!

      • Oh, come now, it’s been obvious from the start that you’ve been doing a great job. :P

  3. Double p.s. Ibrahim’s face in the fourth comic box is hilarious

  4. I thought for one second you meant that he made up his own language. :P

    • Haha! Oh wow, I can see that. That would be impressive, but Ibrahim has enough trouble learning real languages!

  5. Ibrahim’s face!
    I nearly fell off my chair laughing!

  6. Say hi to Loki for me, Ibraham ;)

    • He’ll be saying a lot of things!

  7. Say hi to Hedda for me, Ibrahim. Also good luck.


    • Hahaha! He’s gonna need that luck.

  8. Say good-bye to your mother in Greek, Latin and Arabic. You’re going on an adventure!

    • Your last sentence made me think of the Hobbit. Come to think about it, Ibrahim is in kind of the same position, you know, all “scared” about trips and voyages and all, than Bilbo.

    • That’s for sure! XD

  9. Hence yhe wonderful etails we have from the intrepid Southern travellers about the Norse people and a lot of misunderstanding too about so many culture clashes.

    • There certainly were clashes. And there’s going to be at least a few more when Ibrahim meets Coal.

  10. I see a lot of “say hi to [character name]” comments, and nobody remembered Rollo?

    Well, either way, Ibrahim, say hi to Rollo.

    This is going an odd direction… So Uziar is right there when Coal stole something from his nephew… Who noticed Coal doing the stealing. This is gonna be problematic.

    • Rollo ? Who it he ?

      • You… You don’t even… But…

        …Well, I suppose that verifies my thought.

        Anyway, he’s the figurehead of the ship.

    • Coal is nothing if not problematic.

  11. I think Ibrahim’s pop could probably kill somebody with that nose.

    • I don’t know what to say to this so thank you for reading! :D

    • I agree, that’s a pretty serious nose. o.o

  12. What better way to learn new things? New languages, new stories, strange scrolls and volumes filled with ancient lore in all the foreign cities of the wide world. And then to bring it all back home.

    Also, the opportunity to get saddle sores, sun stroke and hurl over the side of the ship in all the tossing seas you have to cross to get there, but hey, it’s not all gravy, is it?


    • Definitely not all gravy, especially for Ibrahim! It’ll be fun. >:3

  13. I highly doubt that Coal speaks Greek, Latin, or Arabic.

    HILARITY ENSUES. And possibly jazz hands. Why is it that people always seem to do jazz hands when they can’t communicate?

    • To imagine Coal doing Jazz Hands is hilarious indeed. Hopefully it won’t resort to that.

      • But that would probably involve Coal smiling, y’know, that action that’s a prelude to Ragnarok?

  14. Dude, that’s a promotion over scholar! :)

    • Not to Ibrahim it’s not!

  15. See, I didn’t really know the definition of “emissary”, so when I saw Ibrahim’s face in panel four I thought maybe his uncle was suggesting something really really horrible and it was extra funny for me. Anyway, nice page! Can’t wait to see Ibrahim’s decision.

    • Haha, emissary is basically like am ambassador, but less pomp? I’m not sure exactly but that’s how I think of it. And it’s cute you think Ibrahim has a choice! :3