Chapter 8 | Page 15

Or is it Istanbul.

(No it’s Constantinople).

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

(No really, during this time period it was Constantinople, I was just trying to parody that song and expect many more comments about it)

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  1. Wait, I can’t tell if that was a veiled threat or not. Would Ibrahim’s dad ship him off to Constantinople if he didn’t agree to go with his Uncle?

    • Oh, wow, I can definitely see how it’d be interpreted as that. Dangit! That’s not exactly what I meant to get across, it’s more to hint that Ibrahim went to Constantinople and had a Not Good Time there. It’ll be mentioned properly later in this chapter, if I recall correctly, so hopefully it won’t be too confusing for too long!

      • A more sympathetic expression from his brother in panel 4 would probably make it seem less like a veiled threat. Right now it looks like his brother is disapproving of the comment, rather than recalling the hardships experienced.

        • Haha, he actually does disapprove of Karim bringing it up, just because Ibrahim had a tough time with it. It wasn’t a hard time for Uzair. This will be explained a bit more later on, but for now it’s just…what it is.

          • Yeah, I read that expression as, “Not helping, bro. Seriously, trying to get my nephew excited here…” ;)

            I like the uncle! I hope he’ll stay in the plot tangentially even after Adventure transpires.

  2. Boy, I suggest you pack for a lot longer than three days!

    • Haha, Ibrahim leaves in three days, but he’ll definitely be gone longer than that! XD

      • I was half asleep when I wrote that. But now that I’m awake, I’m wondering when or how Loki found the time to hand over “Freyr’s sword” Jr.

        • Good thing to wonder! :D

          • I’m watchin’ U Loki.

  3. Well, Ibrahim? You’ll go, right? Denmark it on your map, as it’s gonna be a long journey. (Couldn’t resist the pun.)

    Anyway, I have a question about comic creation. Do you draw the lines colored, or do you do something where you draw them in one color and later go back and change their colors to the right ones?

    • NICE PUN. And I ink everything in just straight black on its own layer. I then lock transparency on that layer, which basically locks any area that hasn’t been marked, and what has been marked can be painted over. It’s kind of hard to explain! But it’s not a new technique either, and tutorials for it can probably be easily found online somewhere. :3

      • Thanks! And thanks for the explanation, and it actually explained the process pretty well (though that may have just been because I’ve used selections a fair number of times, though mostly for shading). I always enjoy hearing about the techniques of various artists.

  4. Oooooooooooooooouoooh tense
    And ‘companion’? Is Uzair the Doctor? omgthatwouldbesocooliamsohopeless
    Ibrahim go buy me souvenirs and stuff while you’re in Denmark?

    • That would be awesome :D

    • Hahaha, Ibrahim will try to get souvenirs for all his friends. I guess he can get one for you.

  5. What a grouchy dad.

    • He’s got a lot to deal with! He’s doing his best.

  6. That mouth in panel three cracks me up! “Waaaaaaahhh!”

    • Hahah! It was quite a surprise for Ibrahim.

  7. I love his dad- he’s all “YOU WILL GO TO DENMARK AND YOU WILL LIKE IT- go and have an adventure! Be a MAN!” I love everyone in this story, honestly!

    • Hahah! I’m surprised anyone like’s Ibrahim’s dad, since he’s only on for like five pages. XD But thank you! I’m glad you enjoy everything! :D

  8. The song… Muppets? :D

    Currently I am feeling 13th Warrior here.

    • What song? And yes 13th Warrior is based on the documentations left behind by Muslim scholars/travelers. I have Ibn Fadlan’s accounts to read! They’re later than the Viking Age but I bet they’re still really interesting. :3 I think it’s Ibn Fadlan…Actually it might be someone else.

    • The Muppets referenced the song in an episode, but they never actually performed it — which is a darn shame because it would probably have been spectacular!

    • It’s a song from the 50’s repopularised by They Might Be Giants:

  9. Just for your information
    as you story is set before 1453 as fall of Constantinople and around the last centuries before 1000AD, France as the word France did not exist . It was Francia, and more likely Frankia as it evolved from ‘Frankish realm’. You could say it was Frankia from after 732AD and Frankish Realm from 496AD to 732AD

    • It’s a time-based variation of the translation convention. To make sure we understand things, some names have to be as they are now.

      • Yeah (although “Francia” is probably understandable enough).

        “Denmark” may mean something different from modern Denmark – in the early eleventh century it expanded into a substantial empire (including Scandinavia and England), which explains why it’s important enough to get an ambassador from al-Andalus.

    • You are right! But I’ll still call it France for the sake of not confusing readers anymore than I probably already have. XD Thank you!

  10. What Cordoba could need in Denmark? 0_0

    • They just wanna know what’s going on in the world! Cordoba was a center of learning in the world during this time period.


    • Yummy.

      • That’s one of the lyrics.

  12. Ahhhh! Why did Constantinople get the works? That’s nobodies business but the Tuuuuurks! ISTANBUUUUUUUUUL.

    Oh god, now that song will NOT LEAVE MY HEAD.

    ::They Might Be Giants <3::

    • Honestly I’m surprised you’re the first person to make any reference to this song! After all the language jokes I got I was sure I’d get a bunch of song jokes for this one. XD

  13. Okay, I know I suck at geography, or maybe I’m missing something else, but where are they that Denmark is closer than Constantinople??

    • They’re in Spain! Al-Andalus evolved into Andalusia, which is Spain during the time of the Moors. They’re in the city of Cordoba.

  14. “You leave in three days.” ….WHAT?!
    My mom would call that an “Oh, by the way…” moment, aka one of those horrible last minute surprises people spring on you.

    • Spring it on ’em quick, then there’s no time to escape!

  15. Okay, so he knows Arabic, Latin, and Greek… better grab that Danish dictionary on your way out!

    • Definitely! And some other languages too, maybe. He’s gotta know a lot!

  16. Istanbul, of course!

    Old homestarrunner reference, don’t ask.

  17. Why’d Loki take the pieces?
    I can’t say.
    Guess he liked those weapons better that waaayyyyy!

    (Just so you don’t feel cheated, Sarah)

  18. Why is Uzair making a grumpy face in the fourth panel ?

    • He doesn’t like that Karim brought up Constantinople.

  19. I smell a 13th warrior here.