Chapter 8 | Page 18

“Just like I spent 18 hours trying to push you out of my uterus.”


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  1. I shall have to keep an eye out for those promo postcards on the SPX freebie table!

    • I got a LOT so there will probably be a big giant stack. :|

  2. How old is Ibrahim? I had thought he was 20-25, but that’s a little young to go to Constantinople and then wait ten years.

    • He’s seventeen! He was about eight when he was in Constantinople.

  3. Ha! Love your commentary. :)

    • Thanks! An obvious joke but I couldn’t pass it up. >_>

  4. Ibrahim, it’s time to get out of your parents’ basement.

    • But it’s so comfy down there! :c

  5. Ibrahim’s mom has the right idea some times people need a little push to help them figure out were to go in life

    • Yeah, but they do it with love! Well, Ibrahim’s mom does it out of love at least.

  6. I’ll have to take it back; it was a nice thing for her to do. And besides, he’ll make friends pretty fast! There’ll be a crazy madgod, a zombie grumpy-pants, a not-slave-anymore Christian girl, a living ship… He’ll have such a great time.