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  1. Wait.. where are they? the only place i can think of in the medieval arab world might be spain? but even then it’s a toss up which of the two is further.. i’m sorry if it has been said.. it’s been quite a while!

    • They are in Spain! They’re in Codoba, to be specific. I thought Denmark was closer, but it’s probably not much closer. Constantinople might be easier to get to though (by ship) than going overland to Denmark. I dunno. >3>

  2. “I’m going for an adventure !” ;)

    • Haha! If only he was so enthusiastic.

  3. Hi-YAH!
    …heavens above, that was a dumb joke.
    Also d’aww at the hugging.

  4. GAH! I missed two pages? Unacceptable!

    And D’aww!