Chapter 8 | Page 21

I’m gonna miss drawing Ibrahim’s mom. Her name, by the way, is Samarah! I realized it’s never said in-comic so there you go.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

Discussion (9) ¬

  1. Has Ibrahim ever ridden a horse before?

    • He has! But, in the end, he’s still Ibrahim.

      • In other words, a dork.

  2. I love lighting of the walls at third panel. Take care Ibrahim.

  3. Glad to see this story is on going already :D
    Oh, my, poor and clumpsy Ibrahim. He’s climbing on the wrong horse’ side. XD

    • Yep! Ibrahim is nothing if not a clumsy doof. :3

  4. Off he goes into the world full of fear and doubt not knowing what will come next but more likely then not will find himself going farther from home then exspected