Chapter 8 | Page 22

Traveling montage!

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  1. Gotta hand it to him-you’re a good writer when you can write steadily while on a horse.

    • Ibrahim is very good at writing. Not even a horse can stop him!

  2. Looking sharp in a new hoodie!

  3. New cloak looks awesome, Ibrahim!

    • Another way to look moody.

  4. I know he’s not, but his expression in panel 2 make me imagine Ibrahim’s writing various versions of “I really hate this” over and over again.

  5. Fantastic page! Hey Sarah, why don’t you put a vote button for Topwebcomics here? It wuold be a good idea to let more people know this comic!

    • Thanks! I used to link to TWC, but it became too hard to create incentives each week, and I didn’t really like the quality of ads that were on the site. However, when a TMK update falls on the first of a month, I try to do a TWC vote thing. The only way for TMK to make it to the top ten on TWC is when the votes reset. ;3

  6. What a dedicated writer Ibrahim is. If only I could be that good.

    • Writing is his escape! The little goober.

  7. We’re gonna need a montage! A traveling to Denmark montage!

    • This page IS the traveling to Denmark montage. It won’t take long.