Chapter 8 | Page 23

Familiar territory!

We’re so close to the end of this chapter and I haven’t thumbnailed the next one, oh no.

Thanks for reading! See you next week! :D

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  1. Enjoy beatiful landscapes Ibrahim! Love those ships at second panel.

    • He’s had about enough landscapes as he can stand! Luckily he’ll be getting some seascapes soon. :3

  2. Keep a hand on that knife of yours, eh? I get the sneaking suspicion that someone might try to snatch it. <_<

    • What kind of heathen would do something like that, I wonder?

    • This comment reminded me that I forgot to draw the freakin’ knife and I feel like such a doofus.

  3. “Rest”? Tee-hee! The party’s just getting started Uncle Uzair! I just hope you don’t have to go back and tell everyone you lost your nephew.

    Oh, and a belated welcome back, Sarah.

    • Haha, thank you! Uzair will have some serious explaining to do.

  4. Hmm… So it looks like we’re getting pretty close to the present right now (well, in-comic present, obviously). This should be interesting, especially if Ibrahim chases Coal or something.

  5. So exciting! Almost to the meet-cute! ;)