Chapter 8 | Page 24


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  1. Oooh SNAP!

    I mean uh- :D

  2. If Coal got his right hand cut off, for thieving, could he just stick it back on?

    • He’d have to get caught for that to happen. :3

  3. Le plot merging!

    • So close! It’s gonna happen!

  4. I wonder who took it..! Can’t wait to see what happens next! (Say say, any chance you will still be selling prints or posters in the near future? And whenever a better option for the book presents itself I shall be ready! )

    • Hard to say about prints and stuff! I do have a Society6 shop with a few things to choose from, they have good quality.


  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m caught up.
    I just want to say, dear Author, this is an awesome webcomic. From the very beggining it got my attention with the whole “Get back our weapons” quest, meeting LokI, and the overall environment of the ancient world. The characters have charm, and the art reminds me of Gendi Tartakovsky.
    I’ll be checking this comic, hungry for more.

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the comic, and all the characters and such. Thank you for reading! :D

  7. and so it begins