Chapter 8 | Page 25

Happy Halloween! Coal’s smile is scary enough.

Next week is a cover page (sorry) and then the next chapter begins! Poor Ibrahim.

Thanks for reading! :D

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  1. Hello again, Coal!

  2. Coal, Coal. What are you expecting now? “Okay, sure. You can keep it.” or something?

    Happy Halloween!

    • I think Coal has correctly realized that he is being confronted by a weak scholar whose only weapon he currently holds.

      Also, he’s already dead so it isn’t as though he has anything to fear from a mortal.

    • Coal doesn’t care about anything! He never thinks ahead, especially now that he’s dead.

  3. Coal. What is that face. The one you’re making. What.

    • “umad bro?”

      • Or perhaps it’s “Umayyad bro?” Hahaha. Shoot me.

  4. Coal, you’ve got such jinxed face at there. I really wonder what’s that dagger.
    Poor Ibrahim.

    • Yeah, Ibrahim’s troubles are just beginning. :3

  5. Coal, that’s not very polite! I expected him to be quick and do a fast getaway, not just stand there and have a bully-face.

    It feels weird to say that I suspect Loki is going to come smooth things over.

    • Coal doesn’t mind confrontations. Because he’s a big jerk.

  6. Let Creepy Eyes have the knife.

    • Nothing can go wrong here!

  7. Holy Thor, HE SMILED!



      • I really hope he never makes that face form the last panel ever again. If it’s a smile like panel one, it’s okay.

  8. Coal’s level of badassery +1

    • Coal’s level of sense -2,345,908

  9. That’s got to be one of the most perfect “umad?” faces I’ve ever seen.

  10. Coal! Stop being such a rude jerk… oh wait, he kind of already is, this time he’s just more snarky about it.

    • Yep! He doesn’t really have anything to lose.

      • Actually, Coal has quite a bit to lose if he lets a namby-pamby scholar keep part of Freyr’s sword.

  11. Coals face on the last panel creeps me out but it’s perfect for Halloween.

    • Grim and ghoulish. Perfect!

  12. Ok, caught up. Please post more soon!

    • Every Thursday! :D Thank you!

  13. AH! I missed Coal so much! He is so rude, bad mannered and uncouth and douchy and… why did I miss him again?

    • That’s a gooood question.

  14. Nice troll face y’got there, Humperdink.

    • He’s built for trollface.