Chapter 9 | The Moor

Title page! The text in the background is Plato stuff. It’s directly translated from Google so I apologize for any (inevitable) wrongness.

Chapter begins proper next week! Thanks for reading. :D

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  1. Gah! That still leaves us hanging on Coal’s wicked smile ’til next week!

    Tangent: An author friend of mine, Max Gladstone, wrote a version of the Loki/Slepnir story, and I thought you’d be amused:

    • Hahaha, that was a great retelling! Yeah some of the stuff Loki did (well, that all the gods did) was pretty nuts.

  2. so I guess we still have more Ierahim to go around :)

    • Yep! He’s here to stay. :D

  3. I grew up on Norse myths because they had the most awesome illustrations in my library, and knew the whole bit about Loki’s *ahem* run-in with the super-horse, and when I heard that a movie with him in it was coming out, I was like, well, his dad and brother DID pretty much force him to have sex with a horse from which he got pregnant and then his dad was like, can I have that? Your mutant offspring due to horse rape? And like, ride it around?
    That sounds pretty messed up, like some of the strangest fanfics you come across and read in terrified silence on the internet, never able to forget, the memory creeping up when you try to sleep or when having lunch with your mom.
    Anyway, I’ve always had a certain understanding for Loki’s actions after reading that particular story. Not that it makes his attempted genocides okay, I just get it.
    I’d be pretty pissed and messed in the head if something like that happened to me too.

    • Haha, well if by “movie” you mean Marvel’s Thor movies, then that’s only really Marvel’s version of the character. But there’s definitely fodder for story in all the Norse myths.

  4. I’m thinking our friend Ibrahim is going to be the brains of our ragtag bunch of mistfits.

  5. Beautiful! Your art style can be so eye-poppingly gorgeous at times.

    • Thank you! :3

    • What do you mean “at times”? It’s gorgeous ALL the time!