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Coal + diplomacy = international incident.

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  1. Sure, Coal. Trying to paint Ibrahim as a thief, too, is going to make everything work out perfectly.

    • Can’t go wrong there.

  2. Coal is why we can’t have nice things.

  3. Ah, the options:
    * It’s been in my family for generations, it was given as a goodwill token.
    * Yup. I stole it.
    * I bought it.
    * I AM northern, I just tan easily.

    • And none of those is the truth!

  4. International Incident? Sounds right up Loki’s alley. Now I see why he associates with Coal.

    • Maybe they are too similar.

  5. Is Ibrahim going to challenge him to a duel? A battle may be the only way to get a guy like Coal to take you seriously.

  6. Hehe, way to win the foreigners over, Coal!

    Came here from TV Tropes and went on a massive archive binge :\ Now update soooooon.

    • Haha, thanks for reading!

  7. Coal, this is bad for tourism and trade.

    • Not to mention how it makes other vikings look to the world! Rude.

  8. The other comments. I’m crying.

  9. Not just diplomacy!

    Coal + _______ = international incident

    I think you’ll find that the formula works well for many things where Coal is involved!

    • This is…probably true.

  10. Coal, stop being an ass-no wait, don’t stop. This is amusing! popcorn, anyone?

    • Careful, he might steal that too.

      • He does and he’ll be looking for his head! {draws a sword}

    • Coal’s ass-ness has only just begun.

  11. I’m gonna bet a gold torq that ‘Coal’ here is Loki.
    Not because I don’t think Coal wouldn’t steal.
    But because I firmly believe he would never smile that much in so few panels without his head exploding.

    • Hahaha.

    • That is a very good point. I was wondering why the apocalypse was taking so long! Definitely our favorite God o’ Mischief!

  12. everywhere ya go, just makin, friends, Coal.

    • He’s so good at it.

  13. You know, if he had just told Loki, this could have been handled much smoother.