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  1. Loki, now would be a good time to intervene.


    …Crap Taco.

    • Now would be a good time.

  2. I generally find that yelling at anyone whose eyes have gone that color is a bad idea.

    • Especially when said person just threw your nephew in the harbor from several blocks away. Calling him “You little …” is just the frosting on the cake of bad decisions that this particular family is accumulating.

    • Good idea!

  3. Loki. HALP.
    or, you know, not.

    • Can’t take Coal anywhere.

  4. Perhaps Hedda might be more help then Loki :)

    • Hedda couldn’t do more than stare like everyone else!

  5. This seems more than a bit out of character for Coal… Not sure what’s up with his eyes or what’s going on, but this really seems off to me. Could the knife be the piece of Odin’s spear, could that be what’s affecting him like this?

    • Coal is a berserker, the blood in the eyes is him going, well, berserk. I suspect the knife is part of Freyr’s sword, rather than Gugnir.

      • That’s just what I was thinking, Altarboy — that there might be some external influence happening here, and since Coal just picked up the knife, it seems like maybe that might be… adding to his responses, at least.

    • Lots of things could be the cause!

  6. Cole has officially become a villain.

    • What? He was sent on a mission to recover Odin’s stuff so he could get into Valhalla. He should care about pissing off some foreigners when he’s already dead and trying to get into his afterlife?

      • Well, Odin’s kinda a jerk, and he gave Cole creepy personality- changing mead. Plus, Cole could easily have handled this nicely if he wanted to.

        • I don’t think Odin made Coal a Berserker. I think he got that from his Daddy.

          • Yeah, Cole was a berserker before, but Odin’s mead made him grumpy. Remember how it made his eyes turn from green to grey?

          • I think you’re ignoring a lot of backstory that’s been hinted at, Wilfre.

            First, we really don’t have a lot of insight into Coal’s character pre-mead. We know he’s dealt with Loki. We know something’s happened that has lessened his respect for the gods (“It’s just ironic, you needing my help” (assuming the author used “irony” correctly, and I have no doubt she did; her language skills are superb).

            We also know his father was a berserker, his uncles are warlords, and his mom was Christian. That sounds like a sure recipe for a…rocky…domestic life. And we know that while he has misgivings about the gods themselves, he is proud of the fact that he won his place in Valhalla legitimately. He fought, killed, and died in battle and thereby earned that place properly. Having that denied because the gods couldn’t keep tabs on their stuff would stick in anyone’s craw. To say that Odin’s mead made Coal grumpy is, I think, disingenuous given all the little things that show Coal already had a lot of reason to be “grumpy”.

            So is Coal a villain? Absolutely not. He’s a young man, still a boy by our standards, who seems to have had a crap life, and an even crappier afterlife. He’s forced to travel with a mercurial god who complains about Coal’s immaturity while rarely showing maturity himself. He has an object to recover, and he has a very limited skillset to employ (he’s not a diplomat, he’s a blooded warrior). So he’s bringing that limited skillset into play. Whoever gave Ibrahim that dagger without explaining its provenance is the one who’s responsible for this mess. At least Coal knew who gave him his pendant.

            And honestly? Villains are boring. So far we haven’t really seen a villain in this story, and it’s better for it.

          • Borked link should direct here

          • Curse the lack of an edit button. Misremembered this comic. The uncles were merely “murderers”, not “warlords”. Point still mostly stands; I think it’s a fair assumption his uncles were viking warriors of some sort.

    • He’s become something.

  7. Eh… you little sir, I think you will put that knife to good use… now let me go and get my little brother from the river… have a good day? please?

    • Yes, Uzair is starting to wonder if Ibrahim’s reluctance to leave home isn’t well founded.

  8. Oh my- Loki! Do something! O_O

  9. This is gonna /suck/.

    • You are absolutely correct.

  10. Ah Crap! This doesn’t look good. Next thing you know there is a pile of dead people and an angry mob.
    I hope it won’t come to that .

    • I hope so too! (don’t worry it won’t)

  11. Erm… Loki Laufeyson? ehehe… Any time now! In fact NOW would be delightful!

    • He needs to work on his timing.

      • Ah, screw it. {pulls out a hammer} Let’s just bonk him.

      • I dunno, I think his timing is perfect…

        …for Loki. Perfect for anyone else, though? Now there’s a good question. :)

        • True.

  12. Umm…dude? I know your nephew just got throw into the harbor and is probably seriously injured, but it usually isn’t the best idea TO PROVOKE A RED EYED, CRAZY KNIFE WIELDING MANIAC!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!

    • He’s going to wish he had done that.

  13. This page has driven me hysterical and the comments are resulting in much maniacal laughter. In other words, this is awesome.