Chapter 9 | Page 6

Bye Uzair and Other Guy!

You might notice this page isn’t completely done yet. I did what I could while on vacation, and got all but the colored lines done. I’ll do those when I get back to my desktop. Coloring on the Cintiq is awkward for me.

Anyway, I hope you guys had a great Christmas if you celebrate it! If not, I hope you had a great day off! :D

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  1. I always wondered why the lines were colored, but now I can see that it actually makes a big difference (it’s a cool idea, I should start doing that too!)

    I hope you had an awesome Christmas, but I had bronchitis. :P

    • Yeah, it has a bigger impact than people think! And thank you! I’m sorry you were sick for Christmas, that really sucks. :c

    • I got bronchitis! AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!

      • Hope you get well soon Wanderer, and that you had a merry Christmas anyway!


    Can you believe I never noticed that? Anyway, merry Christmas!

    • Haha, Merry Christmas!

  3. Yay! Merry Yule!
    I love how the guard is totally unsurprised and nonchalant about the fact that Coal threw that guy in the harbor. “Really? I hope he can swim.” LOL
    Also, I love Uzair’s grumpy face.
    How’d he take that knife away from Coal?

    • He took it while Coal was a bit dazed. Or that’s the idea. It doesn’t really matter how. XD Merry Christmas!

      • It works. The knife isn’t in Coal’s hands when he’s tackled. It’s reasonable to assume it was dropped and the guard recovered it.

        • Nevermind. I need to verify my shaky memory before posting.

          Still it’s reasonable for Coal to lose the knife during the tackle.

    • Seconded on Wilfre’s reaction to the guard. Great timing there, and Uzair’s double-take on where he needs to be is awesome.

  4. Hey, I forgot they were colored. It makes it look more realistic.

  5. …I’m starting to doubt this is Lok.

    • Hahaha, it could be anyone!

    • Nah. Like Wilfre said, guard was totally unfazed by “he threw my nephew into the harbor,” even though that’s obviously Way Over There. Just makes me think it’s him even more.

  6. It’s just nice that you were able to give us a page during your vacation. Thank you!

    Also, it’s funny that you can forget little things like your nephew not being able to swim and having a good chance of drowning when he was thrown into it from the length of a football field by a skinny, beanpole, scrap of a boy who then almost killed you with a knife that your nephew had with a murderous look in his eyes and laughing maniacally; and then saved by a common guard who seems to deal with these situations a lot and gives you sarcastic remarks…

    • It’s remarkable how the these things seem to slip your mind, isn’t it?

    • Funny how things just slip your mind sometimes!

  7. Lovely colored lines. :) Thanks for finishing the page while on vacation!