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There will not be an update next week because I’ll be out of town, so I hope you enjoy Loki’s return for an extra week. :3

Thanks for reading! <3333 Hope you all had a great holiday season.

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  1. And of course NOW I look back a few pages and see that the guard was indeed calling out Coal’s name, should have been a big tip-off there. XD

    • I even noticed that and just figured it was someone who knew Coal in life, totally overlooking that there was a shapeshifter who knows Coal right handy.

      • (I think it’s because he called him “Torvaldsson” rather than “Coal”, making me think it was someone who knew him just as Torvald’s son.)

    • It can be hard putting things together when it’s just one page a week. Ah well.

      • Although reading the comments section helps — you have some smart readers who are usually one step ahead of me as I’m reading. *g* I’m glad their (and, subsequently, my) guesses about Loki were right! It’s gratifying. :)

  2. It’s heartening that Loki would be upset about threats to mortal life.

  3. Yeah, Loki, what’s wrong with him?

    He’s only a young man, raised to be a warrior, sent on a quest by warrior gods because you had to have your fun for your own inscrutable reasons, treated like an idiot whenever your methods are questioned.

    Maybe you’re what’s wrong with him?

    • Loki is probably what’s wrong with a lot of people. :3

  4. Aww…I was expecting somebody else cool…I mean, Loki’s pretty darn cool, but someone from Coal’s past would give us some backstory.

    • Haha, I understand! I’m excited to get more into Coal’s backstory, but that won’t be for a while.

  5. This was kinda obvious, but still very cool.
    Also, Loki being the Only Sane God for lack of anybody saner nearby? Priceless.

    • Haha! That’s a bad sign.

  6. Awwww….. No TMK next week.
    You guys were right, it IS Loki.

    • Sorry! No way to finagle a page over the coming days this time around.

      • Seeing Loki look like he needs a Tums or two is worth having to miss a week :3

  7. I probably should have seen that coming, but I guess I didn’t. Oh well.

  8. Not surprised at all.

  9. :_D I KNEW that guy was Loki! It’s amusing to see the so called God of Mischief giving lectures about responsability to Coal… which is something he has done several times already.
    Now, I wonder if he just transformed into the bearbed guy in front of Hedda or something else.

    • Loki doesn’t like having to be the responsible one. Too weird!

    • Yes, it’s the very thing I was hoping for a few strips ago.

  10. I do wonder why Coal needs that knife.

    • It will be explained. :3

    • It’s the piece of Freyr’s sword, isn’t it? Like his hammer amulet, and the geas that Odin put in him is why he was so ax-crazy about getting it.

      ….I think that’s it…

  11. CALLED IT.

  12. Bad Coal. Go sit in the corner and think about what you did.

  13. Knew it was our favorite trickster.