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Back to business.

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  1. Coal: Wait, if he’s dead do I get to keep the shard?!
    Loki: No.
    Coal: Well then I guess I better go save him!

    • Ugh, yeah, such a pain to save a life.

  2. Did you do something different with the colors in the second to last panel? It looks a little muted — but maybe that’s just Loki’s expression. :)

    Also, got the Patreon e-mail. Woo! The page came through kind of blurry in the e-mail, but I dashed right over to the site; nice to get that reminder that it’s TMK day!

    • Uhmm well the lines aren’t totally colored in that one? They’re brown instead of black, tho, just because coloring lines that are that small can be a pain.

      And yeah I wish I could change it to not show the page when I post a link! Maybe I’ll have to post the link in the text instead next time.

      • Ah, that makes sense. And I don’t know about other patrons, but I’d be just as happy with a text link instead of the page in my e-mail. I always come over here anyway! :)

        • Yeaaaaah Patreon actually adds the page to those updates. There’s a space to add a link, and when I do that it searches for an image to attach to it and attaches the comic page itself. Maybe I’ll try putting the link in the text box next time instead.

  3. Well, this should be sufficiently awkward/horrifying/possibly violent. :D
    Penultimate panel- “Than” should be “Then.”

    • Bah, you are right! Hafta fix that. Thanks!

  4. Yeah, I can understand Coal’s frustration. He’s earned his paradise, he shouldn’t be down here mucking around fixing Loki’s mess.

  5. Loki seems to be speaking so softly in those first two panels. Though, compared to Coal’s shouting, I suppose he is!

    • Haha! This is true, Coal likes to yell. Sometimes. I dunno, I’m tired.

  6. Come on Coal, if you’re allowed to keep your mini-hammer he can have his knife (I wonder, has it been stated if Loki also gave him the knife or did he find it another way?)

    • I don’t think it has been stated but I could be misremembering things. I’m such a good little author.

  7. I don’t mean to nitpick, but I think you mean, “THEN I guess we’d better go and save his ass.”

    (I’m like a grandmother or something *headdesk*)

    • You are right! Also thanks for reading all the comic today, I enjoyed your comments. :D

    *does the thursday comic dance*
    Coal, this has not been a good day for you…
    (but on the other hand this explains why Odin let him keep the hammer)

  9. RE: Patreon

    Am I understanding correctly with Patreon that the charge is made each time you update? So I’d be seeing a charge more or less every week?

    • Yep! Whenever I update. But I don’t think they charge until the end of the month, and you can set a budget if you want so you don’t get any surprises.

  10. Is it just me, or does Loki seem depressed in the first two panels? Maybe he is having a flashback to when he gave the knife to Ibrahim. It must be some kind of sad memory.

  11. Lessee. It’s not unreasonable to suppose the knife is war loot from one of the previous multitude of Islamic invasions of Europe, or counter attacks resulting from them (later named Crusades). So if it was likely taken in battle from an owner who was previously ‘connected’ to it, might not such a ‘connection’ be severed anew in battle?
    Make for a shorter chapter/story, but if Coal goes all Viking on his ass, he’d save himself reams of plot and character development. x} Course. Loki would probably be annoyed at losing his chance to poke one of Odin’s tools on a daily basis.

  12. Aaaaah, the wonderful smell of a fresh new TMK page! /is two days late to the party

    Well, this newest development would a) explain why Coal got to keep his hammer, and b) justify the gathering of an eccentric crew of misfits! Excellent job, m’Lady Author.

  13. whywhywhy is it not Thursday yet?
    Freakin’ Wednesdays.

  14. It MIGHT have been a good idea to mention that to Coal BEFORE he went and tossed poor Ibrahim across town.

    • It would have been! Too bad Coal didn’t wait around and tell Loki he found the item before he took matters into his own hands.