Chapter 9 | Page 14

We’ll get to Eire in about ten years, probably.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had a good one. :D Thank you also for reading, and I’ll see you next week!

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  1. D: She tries to do the right thing.

    • She tries! Hard to do when Coal is such a buttface.

  2. Ah, Coal, you’re not so good at making friends…

    • He’s not here to make friends! He’s got a job to do!

  3. I thought they’d gotten her a new dress?

    And Coal is still such a little asshat. Can’t help it, I suppose – he judges everyone by his own standard. No imagination to speak of.

    • Hedda didn’t want a new dress! So they didn’t get one. Also Coal is an asshat for a while. :3

  4. ahaha, Coal is making a judicious retreat from the puppy eyes in the last panel.

    • He knows when to retreat.

  5. Well he can’t just explain that he needs to keep him around because he’s dead and needs to complete a holy quest for his gods before he can go to his equivalent of heaven. Better to have the girl disappointed in him rather than absolutely terrified of him.

    • Or thinking he was really, really crazy.

  6. Dawww…Hedda’s giving Coal puppy eyes.

    Hang on…where’s Eire again?

    • Eire is Ireland. They’re in Denmark.

      • Okay, thanks.

    • Puppy Eyes are basically her default expression, she can’t help it!

  7. Coal’s thoughts: Haha! I have beaten the puppy eyes!

    • Hahaha, he’s immune to most Puppy Eyes.

      • One of the few advantages of being undead.

  8. I love Coal! Even though he’s quite single-minded, there’s still more going on than people think.

    • That’s what you think. But is it true?


  9. I am currently of two opinions on Coal’s actions, much like the classic shoulder-devils/-angels:

    Shoulder-angel: Aww, Coal, you’re seriously going through with it? What kind of person not only resists adorable puppy eyes, but throws complete strangers in the harbor and then tries to ransom them?!

    Shoulder-devil:……, fair enough. Make sure you get a good ransom.